Street Families

Families on the street   Its common phenomena but as common as it is it’s not something we should accept to live with. Not when there’s an option to work it out. I don’t really profess to know how but it’s a matter all can think about. Back in time a one Honorable John Michuki […]

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Street Business

Business On Street     STREET BUSINESS Silicon Valley is the in thing that side of the world. It boosts of the biggest and the boldest names in business. It’s a story of global brands, brands that came conquered and re-defined how the world does business. Some chaps argue that here at home River Road […]

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What is in a Name?

Power of Names What is in a Name? The Business of Naming In a day aboard the daily business I happen to meet a couple of people. Interestingly they call me by different names. Have come to realize, bottom line it depends on how and where we met. So I hear “Tony?” of course that’s […]

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