EDUCATION 101: Marketing Management Philosophies

Principles of Marketing MARKETING MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHIES Management is the process of achieving an organization’s objectives’ through others. Marketers need guidelines regarding their conduct in the market place. This is because, conflicts are bound to arise between the needs of the society. There are five competing concepts that, may govern the operations of companies. The production […]

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EDUCATION 101: Pricing.

Principles of Marketing Price can be defined as a measure of value exchanged by the buyer for the value offered by the seller. It is the worth of the product. Pricing is influenced by both internal factors (marketing objectives, marketing mix strategy, cost of production) and external factors (The demand, supply, type of market, consumers […]

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EDUCATION 101: Marketing

Principles of Marketing *A market; a situation that involves exchange of goods and services. *Marketing; is a managerial process that involves identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs and wants profitably. CORE CONCEPTS OF MARKETING

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EDUCATION 101: Principles of Marketing

The Product Life Cycle The Product Life Cycle DEVELOPMENT. At this stage, the market is developing, the product sales are zero and profits are zero. INTRODUCTION. This is the stage where the product gets into the market. At this stage, profits are negative because of low sales and heavy distribution and promotion expenses. Competition is […]

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