Land Question

LAND These days all and sundry are  buying land.  Following is a step by step process to follow to avoid the path of being conned or rather just ensuring yuu stay on the right side of things: Land Map Visit the local surveyor and purchase maps of the place, normally two, one drawn to scale […]

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Comments  Section 

COMMENTS Disclaimer: This is all about comments and what people said. And what it might mean or not mean. It’s like a girls gossiping WhatsApp group. If you are cut from that piece that thinks it’s doesn’t add up knowing what people said, sorry but it’s like you are earmarked to wrap out here. Otherwise […]

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Drawing Art 

Art Enthusiasm  Happened to Check on my friend recently, and he’s refined his art big time. His business slogan reads “A business with no sign is a sign of no Business” Sure how do you run a business with no sign to show unless you are into some ‘below water stuff’ Here in the hood […]

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Deadline Monster

Deadlines Friday 30th June 2017 at 11: 59pm, I kuwad Mkenya mtrue. I file my tax returns and they send me an acknowledgement via email. I breathe a sigh of relief. That’s another twenty thousand saved. Just like that. I had wanted to do it early but for some reasons Kenyanisim, i do it on […]

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Developers Forum 

Developers  That word; developers rings a bell. These days it’s like there is an outbreak of them. Talented cunning and hungry for success. When you think of them you think of that Nokia’s CEO giving the winding up speech. Picking from his words you learn innovation is the one sin that Nokia didn’t commit. In […]

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What’s purpose?  Wait, let’s just say that debate on purpose will never be won. Not any time soon for purpose means different stuff to different people and possibly depending on non constant factors. For some people purpose is seasonal. For others it’s stable decided. Yet for more still it’s this humongous jargon; hard as nut […]

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The Talking World Talk Business Then there’s a new breed of Entrepreneur’s. They make business out of talking. Let’s just call them TALK_Preneurs. Trainer’s, MC’s; Master of ceremonies, Talk experts name them. They have managed to curve a unique niche. They make a living out of what they say. It’s become a definite business model […]

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The Real Heroes 

Hero Edition Yesterday was Father’s day. Happy Father’s day once more to all daddies around the globe. The times have been hard. Yes, every one says. But in as much as companies are downsizing to match the hard times, in as much as chaps are loosing jobs subject to the downsizing maze, new companies are […]

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Tech World 

TECH Business Does that phrase ring a bell? What is TECH and what are the Business Opportunities around the TECH world? Is there a way I can get a fair share of the cake? How?  In this write up, we do a quick dissection of the Tech business  Industry in and out to get to […]

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