TALK_PRENEURS  Then there’s a new breed of Entrepreneur’s. They make business out of talking. Let’s just call them TALK_Preneurs. Trainer’s, MC’s, Talk experts name them. They have managed to curve a unique niche. They make a living out of what they say. It’s become a definite business model with a defined revenue model. They price […]

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Saying it 

Saying it  I happen to have a bro. In between him and myself there exists a gapping decade difference. Or should I say ten years to make it sound magnificent? Yes, our birthdays are ten years apart but when the hustle allow, we sit down laugh, talk, poke, joke and discuss big stuff like buddies. […]

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Blog Nation 

Blogging session  Every one gets to have an opinion about Blogging. Some say Blogging is just but a hobby. Others go “Blogging is the in_thing these days” . Yet still others ask “how do bloggers make money?”  I mean, what’s the blogging revenue model? Yes make your opinion count. Join us this week for our […]

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Management 202: Economics 

ECONOMICS  The term ‘Economy’ from which we obtain the word economics was originally derived from a Greek word ‘Oikonomia’ which came from the word ‘oikonomos’ which separate into ‘oikos’ meaning house and ‘nomos’ meaning managing 

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Today and if you realise, I was almost not posting anything on this platform. Fortunate or unfortunate enough I would have Kenya Power to Blame for giving us shity services. Yes I will say that again, Kenya Power is giving us all shity services because perhaps they are monopolized. It all started mid last night. […]

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Online Jungle

WORKING ONLINE Does the working from home idea ever sound like a plan? Would you be fascinated working online? Find out how right in here for as at per week Twelve of our  #BIZ HUB WEEKLY SERIES we explore the Online Jungle

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BONDS A government bond is a bond issued by a national government, generally with a promise to pay periodic interest payments and to repay the face value on the maturity date. Government bonds are usually denominated in the country’s own currency Read more on treasury-bonds Earlier on we expounded on matters Stock Market

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Apologies     Start of the year, you remember that commitment to meet weekly Friday evening? We still do. It’s mad fun doing that.   Where am I coming from, lately we do events, countless of them. It’s what keeps us busy for as Sunday school goers someone mentioned an idle mind is a Devils workshop. […]

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