Yes they came before us and did Exploits its how we remeber them.  Me … just started putting my best foot foward.


This includes but not limited to:

*Business and Academic Writing; Propasals, Reports, Business plans, Research Projects,

Propasals for Grants & NGO Funding, WBAs e.t.c

*Article Writing; Column based for Magazines and or Newspapers, Feautures, Newsletters,

Journalistic Reporting, Content for sites and Blogs.

“Blogging 101”

Having thoughts. Lots of them and wish you could get a forum like this or better to share  your ideas with the world. Yes Everything is possible. For we get you sorted! We help you get a running site and take you through the basic back office management skills, Take you through the baby steps before leaving you to fly high> Enjoy the Flight!

*This Package attracts a service fee of 1000/= (KSHS) only.


IN a nut shell;

WRITING i find it very fascinating. For me its the sole way of speaking through my pen and paper. It gives me a sense of relaxation that really cools me down after a hard day`s hassles. Try this at home it truly works!


Talent though God given is to be nurtured and well tendered to to allow it room for flourishing and nourishment. However the tragedy of life is that at times many people never even realize that they posses some talent!

Just as indicated above, that’s a list of a few people who became extraordinary among as just because of following their talents. I decided to follow writing with all the potential that underlays it. Currently i have done my manuscript for “SEVERAL YEARS: A chronology through life, school and the nation`s political, economic and social development”. This am intending to publish at the earliest opportune possible. My dream is to publish more!


That`s why i want you to share your talents here as way of comment so that we reason together to develop them

(WINSTON-TONY EBOYI : Business Executive/Project manager/Writer/Blogger/Motivational Speaker. +254 726 571 772/


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