Our vision is a society which recognises, respects, values and actively supports the central role of families, partners and friends who care for the society at large.

We need to make the world a better place!


With this in mind we spear headed Green Concept International. (

I have had a soft spot for Social Good and in between worked on the Idea of Green Concept International_ GCI. Pioneered especially with the struggles I had and am convinced most youth have with poverty since ours is a third World state. The message thus is clear “Do something with what you have starting where you are going forward” GREEN CONCEPT INTERNATIONAL thus embraces Group Dynamics to initiate IGA’s_Income Generating Activities by employing varied Youth Programs and CBO’s_ Community Based Organizations that seek to exploit available Resources for the benefit of the larger Community and society at large.

About Green Concept International:

“GREEN means LIFE”


GCI- Green concept International is a for-profit Social Enterprise whose chief intent is to bring around a long term livelihood revolution by making individuals self sustaining. It targets a wider scope of operation touching on rural-urban; private-public sectors both in the informal and formal set-ups.


The Vision of GCI is to leave a social-economic revolution landmark through accountability and best practice by continuously engaging individual participatory from grassroots.




Green Concept International is a project of the people, by the people and for the people. In as much as it does everything within its reach to be self sustaining, GCI is poised to grow to heights and great Destiny by closely working in partnership with well-wishers, lobby groups, (MFIs) Microfinance Institutions, Banks, Global NGO’s, Faith-based Networks, Investors, Donors, diverse governments, interested parties, organizations of vested interests and other like-minded Social entrepreneurs to push forward its development oriented Agendas with the sole aim of touching hearts at a global sphere.


(WINSTON-TONY EBOYI : Business Executive/Project manager/Writer/Blogger/Motivational Speaker. +254 726 571 772/

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2 thoughts on “Win_Talk.

  1. Hello Winston Tony and thank you fo the link on my blog. A cause I am working on is with the Khomani San youth of the Kalahari Desert South Africa. It is centred on a “Walk” in the traditional way and would take paying clients into the desert lead by the youth of the Khomani San.
    They need guidance and encouragement. Please visit their web site and if possible connect to them

    Rgerads Rodney Ballenden


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