Management 202: Official Receiver

BUSINESS LAW OFFICIAL RECEIVER As soon as the debtor is declared bankrupt, all his properties are placed in the hands of an official receiver appointed by the court to conduct bankruptcy proceedings. When the official receiver takes over the property of the bankrupt , it becomes his duty to sell the property at reasonable price […]

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EDUCATION 101: Inventory Management

CONTROL OF STOCK/INVENTORY THE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF INVENTORY The traditional approach to efficient inventory management seeks to balance between a large inventory, capable of continuously providing needs and a small inventory, keeping inventory as low as possible. In contrast, contemporary management philosophy holds that efficient management of supply pipeline may obviate the need for […]

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EDUCATION 101: Purchasing Records

RECORDS Purchasing records are concerned with the storage of information with manual systems. This information will be entered on card indexes or filed in appropriate systems. Computerization using master files or databases not only enables vast amounts of information to be stored but also obviates duplication and ensures the efficient retrieval of data. Apart from […]

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EDUCATION 101: Supplier Sourcing

SOURCING POLICIES MAKE OR BUY DECISIONS Make or buy decisions compare the cost of producing a component or providing a service internally with cost of purchasing a component or service from an external supplier. Three levels of make or buy have been identified which are linked to overall organization strategy.

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EDUCATION 101: Six B’s

The Human resource 6 B’s   Individual and organizational gaps can be filled by investing in talent. In our work we have found six kinds of investments that may be made to upgrade talent; IN SUMMARY. Buy:  Recruit, source, secure, and assimilate new talent into the organization Build: Help people grow through training, on the […]

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Of Foes and Friends

Drama at church wedding     The big day knocked in style and the modern looking GMMSAC church was colorfully arrayed for the days function. As he arrived intentionally late, He skipped in through the backdoor and resorted to a far corner back seat. He sat there, his face burning with anticipation. The building was […]

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