Management: The Language Of SWOT

STRATEGIC OBJETIVES   -Also known as strategic objectives (s.p.o) -These are those project objectives which are long to medium term in nature and which are intended to exploit firms opportunity and strengths and to handle firms weakness and threats . Characteristics Nature of Strategic Objectives (general) i)They are long to medium term in nature long […]

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Management: Strategic Vs Operational Objectives

Comparison between Strategic and Operational Objectives.     Operational Objectives (o.b) are those objectives which are shunt terms in nature (within 1 year) and which help to convent strategic objectives into operational programmes that are ready for implementation and action. Basis for comparison Strategic objectives Operational Objectives i)Time scope Medium to long terms,medium term more […]

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Management: Strategic Importance of values

Strategic Importance of values in Project Management       1.They shape the organizational culture ,they determine how people or members of the organization will behave when performing their duties and responsibilities e.g they determine the attitude of project team members ,their thinking ,their perception and how they generally conduct themselves during their work . […]

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Management: VALUES

VALUES / VALUE STATEMENT.     Value are convictions or benefits that members of the organization have concerning certain issues or things which they consider as very importance in shaping their behavior and conduct in the organization. *In summary values are things that people attain a lot of importance to.     Sources of Values […]

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Management: Policy Limitations

Critique Limitations of Policies in Project management     1.Encourage bureaucracy ; policies which are not properly stated /framed pose the danger of being regulative hence contribute to the high level of bureaucracy in the organization running the project .this leads to delay and bottle necked in decision making ,inefficiency and wastage of time and […]

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Management: Policies Significance

THE STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE OF POLICIES TO PROJECT MANAGERS     1.Saves strategic time :     most policies are decisions that have already been made therefore if project mngrs come across such problems they do not have to make the decision again but proceed to execution straight away and hence saves time that would have […]

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Management: Policy Levels

LEVELS OF POLICIES     -Refers to managerial hierarchies and which policies are formulated ,implemented, monitored, evaluated and controlled to achieve uniformity or standardization in whatever decision /actions management takes we have three levels. Corporate Business                                   >policies Functional/operational         corporate cascading downwards Business     operational     1)Corporate level a)corporate level […]

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Management: Policies

POLICIES     Are generalized assumptions ,guidelines ,tenets or premises or agreements that govern management decision and actions in an organization   Difference between Mission & vision statement . . size :Vision statement is shorter and mission statement is longer in size  Wording :Vision statement use future continuous tense and mission statement uses present tense. […]

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The Education Guess

8-4-4 OR 6-3-3? DOES KENYA REALLY NEED A NEW SYSTEM OF EDUCATION?   GUEST: James Amollo (Entrepreneur/Economist)   “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi The State Department for Education (formerly Ministry of education) is rolling out a new system of education to […]

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