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We are about BRANDING!

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This is just an Extra ordinary Site. Key to us is to EDUCATE, INFORM and ENTERTAIN.  We have key attention to Personal Development Branding and Matters Business world. The difference and or connection in between is what we call A Different Narrative.


''the fighter bird'


What’s Our Diary Like?


We give you BRANDING advice that doesn’t suck. Often we will put stuff here for you to read, get informed, grasp some education and primarily stay entertained. For us that’s happiness. We hope it means happiness to you too!

Through our parent Brand; TWIC and the social outreach initiative; Biz Hu, we have well attended; Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual and yearly business mentorship inspired events and in an often while host Niched BRANDING (Sales, Marketing and Advertisement) inspired workshops for corporates.

Whenever the strict gods of time allow, We do talks and or trainings around the aspects of Personal and Business Branding in capacity packed sessions including but not limited to Schools and churches



Could We Partner?

Sponsorships/Influencer Campaigns/Native Advertisement/Brand Ambassadorship/Content Creation/Social Media/Branding Consultancy/Training & Speaking engagements/Give-aways/Promotional Sampling/Promotional Campaigns/Mentions/Events Itinerary Planning/Photo-shoots/Project Management Planning &Policy Frameworks/Digital Media & presence…


Any Other suggestion? Welcome:


Can We Partner?



31 thoughts on “A.Winstontony.

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for liking my blog! I like the pic of the toad and the pelican. Inspite of the struggle we face in life, we should never give up because the light is always at the end of the tunnel!


  2. With that intro, I don’t think you had to say you are an extrovert 😉 It comes through clearly! Keep that energy and I am sure you will do well in all your endeavors. Thank you also for following my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Almost called you Soul dipper….Ha ha. Is it your Name?
      I should confess that i am indeed too greatful that you dropped by and left the most powerful comment ever. It gives me a great drive. Life is about Hope and great hope. Welcome


  3. Hi! Thanks for liking my blog post ‘A Beast Revealed’. Unfortunately that’s one I’m going to have to withdraw. Although the basic point I make is sound, there are problems about the website that inspired it – due to the infighting in Northern Ireland there is more than one Facebook page for that ‘Protestant Coalition’ and at least one of them is ‘fake’! In view of that I’m going to cancel that post till I find an opportunity to hang the same message on a more reliable hook. If you agreed with me you might find it worthwhile to look at other posts on my blog. Thanks for your interest.
    Steve Langton.


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