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Glen_ MAP 4 Life institute

A leader makes investments that followers interpret as sacrifices.

An investment suggests a return whilst a sacrifice is associated with loss. An investment produces faith after value has been considered while a sacrifice develops fear because a price must be paid.

Being confident that you can hit a golf ball onto the green produces a very different result from being afraid of hitting it into the bunker. It is these small nuances that make a great difference. A leader understands this. The use or misuse of language either creates or destroys the future.

A follower is so preoccupied with cost that he misses the value a leader sees. A follower spends while a leader invests.

A follower waits for something to happen while a leader is making things happen. A follower blames others for his failures while a leader commends others for his success. A follower waits for opportunities to come while a leader prepares for them.


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