Something coming…


Facebook’s stock plummeted from a high of $630B to $510B in terms of Net worth. Not a bad figure but stock owners weren’t happy. Mark Zuckerberg personally lost $15B’s in a single day with regards shooting from third to sixth Richest globally.

The waves and tides settle at Tech. Before the above incident the list of top Richest was released reading something like:

1. Jeff Bezzos of Amazon.

2. Bill Gates of Microsoft

3. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

You noticed something in common, like I did? They’re all Tech giants! Businesses that have been built from scratch up on Technology.

Someone might conclude; “the money is in Tech”. But I doubt it’s always about the money, it ought to be about purpose. And Ambition. About solving the world’s most pressing issues. To create a world where all of us can Co_exist efficiently. Like the way Barrack Obama would say in his resent Johannesburg address; “the world is suffering from poverty of ambition”

I doubt back in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvad and tagged along several ‘teens’ camping at the graffiti bearing Pal Alto office coding through the night, he knew he’d be listed among the world Richest in 2018. But he had the grit to code on. And form teams and partnerships that birthed Facebook for us!

The question thus is, how can we leverage on the opportunities around Tech? How can our personalities, businesses and brands embrace tech to optimise growth?

A team of Youth’s at BizHUB, is sparking a Tech conversation Spanning from July through September 2018.

Tech Enthusiasts are converging in a series of events to divulge the tech opportunity galore looking into topics such as:

*Creative technology
*Disruptive Innovation
*Block chains
*Tech start ups
*Tech crowd finding.
*Tech HUBS.
*Tech labs
*Tech in social media space
*The digital economy and currencies
*The app market
*Social technology
*The Internet workplace
*Internet of things technology (IOT tech)
*Machine learning
*AI_Artificial Intelligence
*The advent of the savannah Valley

All these will be covered in three event sessions ending September:

¹. Tech Start ups ecosystem and the Internet Workplace

². Fintech, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

³. Tech Industry Forum

Make a date. Don’t be late for the biggest #TechConversation in town!


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