Sunset Years Lately i spend more time in the counties more than the city shades. Among my activities of the day includes the branding works i am doing for mum’s friend for her private school. We meet often. She’s this jovial character. She talks mostly about life and family and things. She has taught for […]

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Management: Communication theories

Communication Theories Situational Theory This is a communication theory that seeks to explain why people communicate and when it is most likely that they communicate. It uses communicational behavior to partition the general public into smaller segments that are likely to communicate about certain issues. This theory explains why some publics are active while others […]

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The thing with Feminism Recently. Morning of Saturday I woke up with an appetite for trouble. You know the way you feel like a rich kid. Like you can just step on people’s toes, they lock you up at central police and your dad chauviers in to bail you out. The previous evening some group […]

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