Health + Wealth + Love + Happiness

These are Hand-Picked from a Lot of New York Times Best Selling Books which were mentioned in multiple books over and over again:

Having a Good Healthy Diet – Health is Wealth; The only good and permanent home every human being has is their Mind and Body; Good Food = Good Life.
Working Out – This is taking care of your body, removing all the toxic waste and re-energizing.
Personal Library – There is no doubt that successful people read a lot, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos everyone reads!

Fact – Warren Buffett reads 600 to 1000 pages daily
Big Network – This will always keep you updated with trends of society. Lots of Networking means a lots of Contacts, Lots of contacts mean a lot relations. The goal of this is to have good and amazing friends in the places you have never been; if you want to get something done, there would be a person in your network who will be doing this or can guide you to someone who is more trustworthy, cheaper than unknowns.
Close Relations: Always Make Close Deep Meaningful Relationships, some people who are friends stay amazing friends for life. We always need some friends to share joys and sorrows; no one would be happy alone for long time.
Travelling – Travel to 5 Countries at least and stay there for 2 months minimum; this will keep your soul happy when you see & meet a lot of people, cultures, eat different types of Food, stories to talk about.

Various Books insists on Travelling a lot and learning something from every place, design the life, culture, habits you want to be engraved in you.
Implementation – This habit needs to be there, that whatever you learn from anywhere, you must imply it, the difference between a successful and a not so successful person is, successful people imply.

Story – There was one thing asked from Micheal Jorden’s Coach, that what is the single best thing about Micheal, his Coach replied he implies the learning instantly.
Saving Money – Time is Money; And whatever you earn make some income go in one separate bank account which you won’t ever touch! Grant Cardone uses this method and is a great seller and market (Google about him if you don’t know who he is); Also, Everything and Anything you do would need some money, buying any luxury, toy, travel, anything so save money!
Learn to say NO – As we grow in the right direction, there would be a lot of opportunities surrounding us! Everyone wanting share something or the wanting some help; if we say yes to every everything we won’t be able to get enough time for ourselves; hence, saying NO!
Not Feeling Stuck – There should be so much freedom that whenever brain needs a break or some rest, Leaving anything & everything and going for a vacation won’t hurt income or anything as everything is sorted (automated, delegated, managed)
Asset Collecting Mindset – Simple rule by Robert T. Kiyosaki is, “Whatever puts money in your pocket is an Asset, whatever takes money out of your pocket is a Liability.” Assets should always be greater than Liabilities.
Using Credit Cards Properly – It surely is alluring to use the money which is not yours but there are factors which take money out of our pocket like interest rate, etc. Looking at the opportunity cost would make this a lot better
Becoming Debt Free – There is no amazing feeling knowing that you are out of Debt.
Understanding Taxes and Optimizing them – You might have heard about the people who are at the top are taking all the Tax Benefits. This is a very good topic to master with your Accountant.
Multiple Streams of Incomes – Never Keep all your eggs in one basket, whenever your first income is up and running, start working on second and second stream of income should complement the first they should not be completely extreme.
Being Ambivert – Some people are Introverts which is great in many situations like working alone, thinking of ideas, reading, etc. but not when the person is out somewhere, then the nature should be extrovert. This sweet spot should be mastered.
Learning should never stop! – Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks but what if the mind of the old dog is always young! Hence, learning and exploring!
Coming up with Solutions – Whenever some difficult situation arises and its hard to make choice between right or wrong, asking yourself like Steve Jobs did helps a lot, ““If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today ?”
No Showoffs – Warren Buffet lives in the same house he bought for $31,500 in 1958; Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey Tshirt everyday. All this extra noise will hinder with performance.
“Goal is to be rich, not to look rich.”
Age is just a Number – Warren Buffett earned 99% of his current wealth after is 50th Birthday; Colonel Harland Sanders founder of KFC started KFC at the age of 62.
Bonus – Keep doing what your gut tells you to do, and follow right people!


Content Credits – Answer is written by me personally gained from the books, skills, experience.


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