World’s Role Model

MANU CHANDARIA: A Role Model for the World?

Recently on JKL, I watched 90 years Old, multi-billionaire Industrialist and philanthropist Manu Chandaria take us through his bubbly story:

PICTURE THIS: At 90 years old, he goes to bed at 11.30pm and is up by 5.30am. In his closet, he has 5 suits and 3 jackets. On his arm, is a 65 years old watch
ON WEALTH: Nothing is built overnight, it takes its time and you should have people around you who challenge you to grow. They should tell you, “You have to grow for me to grow. If you don’t grow, I won’t grow”
GIVING HEART: “Giving is simple when you want to give. It’s easy to give when you feel the pain of others. I give a lot and live a very simple life.We need to cultivate the spirit of giving. It is not about giving money but holding somebody’s hand
He goes on to say, “My wardrobe has five suits. One comes in, one goes out. I give it out. It’s a lesson about giving. I learned it from Gandhi.”
1. Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts – UON
2. Chandaria School of Business – USIU-Africa
3. Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre – KU
4. Chandaria Cancer and Chronic Disease Centre. – MTRH
ON SIMPLICITY: I have met some of the richest people in the world and what stood out is that they are simple
TO THE YOUTHS: “Hard work and integrity is the foundation of success”
“If I were to live my life all over again, I would serve people more than I would serve myself”, He concludes…

Such is monumental of him.


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