Management: CSR

Public & Social Responsibility (CSR): CSR-is defined as the deliberate planned and voluntary activities or programs undertaken by the organization not to make profit but to achieve the welfare or well-being of the general public in a manner that is above the legal requirement of society. Basic characteristics of CSR. I)Deliberate and planned :think and […]

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Comfort Zone

That place Recently I sat down. Sorry we sat down and had a watch of that comical piece; Mad Men. I know you guys here are movie savvy and you have probably watched it beforehand. Okay, it would sound insane for a sane man to seat down and waste forty five minutes of his life […]

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Success Cycle

What is Success? At the age of 1 years …Success is. That you can walk without support *At the age of 4 years …* *Success is.* That you do not urinate in your pants, *At the age of 8 years …* *Success is..* To know the way back home. *At the age of 12 years,* […]

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