Management: CSR

Public & Social Responsibility (CSR):

CSR-is defined as the deliberate planned and voluntary activities or programs undertaken by the organization not to make profit but to achieve the welfare or well-being of the general public in a manner that is above the legal requirement of society.

Basic characteristics of CSR.
I)Deliberate and planned :think and plan before undertaking it
ii)Voluntary :it is done by the organization at their own will/choice
iii)Activities/programs:activities/programs or any event that is undertaken by
the organization.
iv)Not to maximize profit :not to make profit but to achieve other strategic
v)For long term well being or welfare of the general society
vi)Above the legal requirement eg required by the law to pay for your staff
salaries & wages but other extra welfare programs eg Benevolence ,tea
break,lunch,bus/transport allowance.

Strategic Importance of CSR from project management
i)To create awareness about the project being undertaken
ii)To build positive image for the company & project being undertaken so that all the stakeholders can support it and make it successful.
iii)To avoid government regulations or restriction on your activities which may lead to sanctions .
iv) To avoid legal suits/tussles from other stakeholders who may feel aggrieved (offended by your project eg regulatory -NEMA
V)Enable the project company to build new project portfolio for wider profit eg collection of refuse paper -recycle them into toilet papers for sale .
vi)It is a way of building a stronger stakeholder-ship eg Employees shareholders ,client,customers ,surrounding comm-land/labour /market .
Limitation of CSR to Project Management.
i)it is very costly or expensive hence increase the cost of your project and contribute to selling your project at a higher price making your project less competitive .
ii)Direct managers attention non-core/non critical project activities,this can lead qto project failure/termination before completion .
Example:to increase public expenditure on CSR art by 200% in the next 3 years .
iv)May be a major contribution to emerging corruption and other unethical conduct amongest
the project managers.
v)Project managers are powerful people in the society and giving them the opportunity to engage in public and social responsibilities may make them too powerful. They will influence public policy.

CSR Strategies /Activities
(Activities /programs undertaken in CSR of a comp .org
i)Be allowed a bidding corporate citizen
ii)To engage in public education ,debate etc
iii)undertake sponsorship:giving financial support or contribution to a particular event or programs eg a cultural event,spouts,charity organization activities.
iv)Initial and financial development programs eg road,market ,school,hospital and social amenities.
v)Exhibition,trade fairs or demonstration
vi)Lobbying :campaign among parliamentarian so that they can support a certain/particular bill to become a Law.
viii)Help in emergencies and crisis response eg flood,fire,security


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