Comfort Zone

That place

Recently I sat down. Sorry we sat down and had a watch of that comical piece; Mad Men. I know you guys here are movie savvy and you have probably watched it beforehand. Okay, it would sound insane for a sane man to seat down and waste forty five minutes of his life watching mad men. But I didn’t! It was never my idea of it. Such are the kind of things that a man has to put up with to keep grumpiness at bay in that space.

Forget the title. Madmen proved worth the forty five minutes. They are in fact two mad men. No guys. They are two sane men acting mad and millions of sane men across the world watching two sane men act mad. It turns out interesting. What lessons does that piece throw our way? It lectures us about our comfort zones. That we are just as comfortable as our comfort zones get. What does that mean? It means if we cared, rather if need there be, we could stretch our limits and that would save the planet. A quick recap of one of the scenes where one of the mad buddies is stuck trapped at a gas station. He struggles to free himself to no veil. Guess what? His fellow mad buddy comes to rescue! How? It only takes his fellow mad buddy giving him a mighty stroke of the cane and our stuck mad buddy kind of gets some magical inertia that pulls him off that trap landing on the floor with a thud! In another weird scene; obscene perhaps, the two mad buddies are stuck in a parked vehicle. Fortunately or unfortunately, the vehicle had some foods which they gluttonously eat. Only to realize the doors are stuck! They can’t get out of that vehicle. They are caged. One of the mad buddies vomits and shits. It causes the colleague to punch open the windscreen. Both of them manage to come out.
Today we are talking about our comfort and the comfort zones. Where I am stemming from? I am stemming from some strategy session we had with a team of partners to lock down some business. It was to say the least heated!
Across that table we all had dozens of excuses to justify the not so good situation that we were facing lately. On and on we aired and aired our problems. It started to smell of trouble. No one was talking of a solution; viable or otherwise.
Inwardly, I concluded that meeting wasn’t poised to bring out anything much. The chances were slimmer. We could do handshakes, sorry, hugs or what have you but the truth of the bitter matter was just that. From where I was seated, I didn’t see chaps inclined to find solutions. In retrovert , I saw a bunch of us hell bent to protect and guard our comfort zones! People afraid of losing on being comfortable which would otherwise mean work hard!
Yes, my conclusion is mean but such is the truths. I might be forced to go into the details for deep there in the details there exists the devil. I will avoid the details and leave it at we were not doing much at personal levels to help that business. We were all comfortable. but here we were, pregnant as a deer with expectations. Buddies it was not going to work. Not unless we shook off our comfort zones!

Unfortunately none of us was ready and willing to let go. So we tabled more and more of what we needed to do right and the doors we needed to knock. And the emails we needed to write and reply and follow up. Cosmetic Solutions! No one of us wanted to step up. To put their best foot forward and say “look guys, truth be told, we have been here before. We have said this before. There is absolutely nothing new we are inventing today! You know what guys? None of us acts on any of these days past these meetings. So we keep coming back here and telling stories and acting up. And clinging to our comforts and guarding our comfort zones.
We all prefer our comfort zones, myself included. See I had the luxury and honor of writing you guys about serious stuff. As serious as the Japan’s nuclear weapons programs but I slipped into a comfort zone and wrote about your damn comfort zones.


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