Know your Doctor

What does your physician do exactly?

My self and you cross the devil’s line and fall sick. It drains our systems. We hurt our big left toe. We scratch our nose and bruise our eye. Our ears ache from somewhere after the antenna. We feel the pain beckoning us to reach out and scratch but we can’t get their. We wake up with a sore throat. It feels like our trachea is promising to pop out. Recently some chap on TV, swallowed his toothbrush. That was the strangest thing of this century. Bottom line we at one point fall sick and need medical attention. We say we’re going to see the doctor. Cuban or Kenyan. But we don’t get the specifics right. It gets us thinking we owe you an apology for not seating down here and telling you about it. As we package our apology have a read of a practicing medics outline of what her colleagues do exactly:

To become a medical specialist a medical officer has to complete an advanced clinical and academic training pertaining to their field of specialization. Just like other trades,specialization ensures better service delivery to those seeking healthcare due to intricacy of human anatomy.
Here’s a list of common medical specialists:
Immunologists: these are doctors who treat disorders of the immune system.
Anaesthiologists: they administer anaesthesia to patients before major surgical procedures
Cardiologists: have expertise in matters blood vessels and the heart (cardiovascular system)
Dermatologists: they are are specialized doctors for skin, hair and nail disorders
Endocrinologists: they have expertise in treating hormonal and metabolic disorders
Gastroenterologists: they treat disorders of the stomach and intestines
Hematologists/ oncologists: they treat disorders of the blood and hematopoietic tissues including cancers of the same
Internal medicine physicians: they treat diseases of the internal structures and organs of the body
Nephrologists: they treat disorders of the kidneys
Neurologists: they treat disorders and diseases of the nervous system
Gynecologists: are doctors who treat diseases and conditions of the female reproductive system including the genital tract
Obstetricians: they provide healthcare to women during gestation and child birth
Neurosurgeons: conduct surgery of the nervous system
Ophthalmologists: they treat diseases, disorders and injuries of the eye
Orthopaedic surgeons: they specialized in preserving the function of musculoskeletal system by providing treatment for injuries and deformities of the named system.
Pathologists: they study the changes in body tissues and organs to determine the cause, course and effects of disease. They commonly unravel the cause of death in case of uncertainty.
Pediatricians: provide healthcare to children, infants, toddlers and teenagers
Psychiatrists: provide treatment for mental and emotional disorders
Urologists: they diagnose and treat disorders and diseases of the male and female urinary tract including the male reproductive system

Next time that urge of visiting your doctor comes, behave like a cool kid. Pick a a title from the above list and name drop.


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