Campus reader?

Profitable business ideas for university students

Make money while still young and have your generation covered.

Universities are well known for their ability to offer a wide market to entrepreneurs because of the large number of students that live inside or around the university. With the flexible study hours it is possible for the university students or young entrepreneurs to do business in and around the university with small startup capital.

1. Movie shop

University students spend most of their time watching movie because of their flexible study hours. They live on movies and series. This is a money-spinning business idea that does not need much to start. All you need is a desktop, disk copier, seats for the customers, empty disk and case, a monitor for previews and woofer to entertain your customers.

2. Thrift shopping

One can buy clothes for a very cheap price in markets like Gikomba and Toi later on sell to the students or hawk in the hostels at a good profit. This might take even 3000 to start inclusive of everything plus the fare to the market. Which can be attained after saving the little money one receives from the parents or guardians.

3. Salon and nails parlo


Campus students always want to look good. One can make good money from offering such services. Salon and parlor business depends on how good one is or the employee. This business is very competitive but one can get trained employees. All it takes is renting a room, salon equipment and talented or trained employees.

4. Photography

This is one of the easiest way of making money in campus. All you need is a camera, light, reflector and familiarizing yourself with the photography skills. If you want to do good photos that stand out. You can enroll for a three months photography course in a college which are normally offered at affordable prices. This will help make yourself a brand and networking with others. You will also need to have active social media sites and a good name so as to market your work.

5. Grocery

How about having a grocery kibanda! This may seem too local but it is another way of making money. You first need to identify a strategic place with a good population. Then buy the food at cheap prices in markets like Githurai. Later on sell them for a profit. Everyone has to eat everyday so one is guaranteed customers. You will also need an employee who will step in when you are busy or assist when there is traffic

6. Writing

Lastly, writing. One can look for online writing jobs. Do assignments for your classmates at a fees and also do assignments online for other people. This will need you to have Wi-Fi, a laptop and good writing skills of which practice makes perfect.

These are some of the small business ideas to do in or around a university making use of the big population. Starting small and getting rich at a young age.

This is just but a sneak into the many avenues you can pursue. Let’s continue the conversation in the comment section…


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