The Case With Mental Health



Unfortunately depression or lack of it tends to be personalized than it is public. Healing if any will start from a point of personal acceptance. Rather than live in denial, one must accept they are, yes depressed (mental stress) and move with speed to seek redress.

The elephant in the room however is the redress will entail finding out the root cause of the state you’re in and facing society (Plainly) you and I know society looks back with open eyes full of prejudice (judgmental) so we avoid the wrath. We curl back and hope and pray. Death knocks.

It’s a long journey brethren and we need to hold each other’s hand up. Where I am I coming from? I am coming from just reading this Nation article on the plight of depression for Kenyan youths. It’s a pity. Away from it, myself and yourself have watched the numerous talks on television about Depression. Elsewhere, we have read about it. Social media is a buzz with news about depression cases not to mention the depression related death toll that’s ballooning daily.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices



Some Myths:

Hard Work Beats Depression

It’s Not a Real Illness

Men Fly under the Radar

Depression Is Just Self-Pity

Not everyone Can Get Depressed

It Can’t Sneak Up Slowly

Help Means Drugs for Life

Depressed People Cry a Lot

Family History Is Destiny

Depression Is Part of Aging


The Myths Demystified:






But there is Some Hope:

Lately the world is becoming more receptive to the fact that yes people are depressed and there has to be something being done about it! As a result, mental health and the space that surrounds therein is being spotlighted more. One poet wrote;


I wake up each day to think of ways of making the world a better place,

Of ways to make you smile,

To soothe your bitterness so that at least you let go of the noose,

I’m the bench you sit upon and cry when your heart is broken,

I’m the book on whose pages you pour your despair,

Call me an artist. I make the world beautiful.


But do you ever stop wonder if I’ve got feelings too?

When was the last time you checked up on me?

Gave me a hug to feel if my heart still beat right?

Called just to say goodnight,

Because here’s the truth,

Sometimes when I talk you out of hanging yourself I’m tempted to pick up the noose and place it on mine,

I’m the bench you cry on when hurt but don’t you realize benches stand lonely in empty parks?

If I’m the book you pour your despair on, don’t you think a day will come when my pages will be full?

I hurt too, in ways you can never imagine, I’ve lost love too, I know hurt too, I give up too, I get tired too,

Let not my beautiful poetry fool you, sometimes I write as I bleed,

Let not that song fool you, I sing to forget that death beckons,

Let not that painting fool you, the many colours are a depiction of how my emotions are scattered within,

My art may be perfect but I’m not,


I always wait for you to hold me after I help you up but you never do,

It’s too much for me,

I need you to hear me out, I’m hurting and I don’t know what I’d have done without God,

He whispers Psalms 27 into my ears on some nights,

Psalms 23 on others,

He rocks me to sleep because He assures me of tomorrow,

He turns my storms into summer seas,

Who else can strengthen my weakness like He does,

God is there for me, always.

I need you too,

To tell me its going to be okay, to hug my tears dry, to flap my blinds open and let the sun shine when I refuse to wake up, to tell me to keep at it.

I need you more than you know.


The next Episode: Till we never meet again Depression

I want to speak out today,

To be bold and to tell sadness to its face,

That I will hug pillows no more,

I will not be your mate in those empty rooms,

I will not soothe you to sleep while I stay awake,

Dont smile yet sadness,

Thinking you broke me into large pieces with no edges,

I learnt from you the greatest lessons,

That love lost is like death,

That the pain is not in them leaving,

It is in knowing that things will never be the same again,

The regret of the things you never did,

The thoughts of those that you’d have done,

Broken hearts dont hurt because love causes pain,

They hurt because love was snatched from them,

So the pain is the empty space left,


You affirmed what a friend once told me,

“You cannot pursue and own all human emotions”

Thats love included,

So I have learnt to cry it out then smile,

Because the sun will always rise and set,

Time doesnt wait on broken hearts that refuse to try to heal,

Time is patient with broken hearts seeking wholeness to death,

Time jumps willing hearts to the future where hope and eventual happiness awaits,

God, thank you for creating time,

For letting me breathe- a depression at a time,

For finally gifting me the peace that surpasses all human understanding,

For friends and family,

I promise to look out for myself,

I promise to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves





So once more, brethren, please note, there is hope. For recovering and living again is possible!




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