We know why the sky is blue.

Yes We Do.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

I am reading ‘The road less travelled. It’s a badass book written by Peck M Scott in the seventies. Surprisingly when you flip through the pages it sounds as new as tomorrow. I must confess I have taken the longest time to finish that 380 paged book. Am starting to think I am like the slowest reader on earth. What happened to the days people were told to pull up their socks? He is taking us through his journey of work serving at his practice of Clinical Psychology for over fifteen years. In that book he talks about pretty many many things. He talks of sex and sexuality. Of friendships and friends. Of discipline and the aspect of gratifications. Of religion and spirituality. I might go on and on but the point is he basically talks about growing up in the sphere of spirituality. I would recommend that if your gods of time allow you grab that piece of work and sniff through.

All of us have immediate stuff we’re supposed to tend to. But then there’s Facebook (read distraction) me too just like you and that guy passing over there had waiting deadlines and unwritten articles but my mind was feeling clogged. So I did what every other sane millennial would do. I drifted to Facebook. Staring right on my face was this rant by a one Makena Barasa;

A rant Thursday..
Kenya’s true opposition died with Kibaki’s MOU. Ever since, it has been politics of self gain.

Sadly, Kenyans have been trapped in an epic deceit packaged as ‘my people’ and ‘our people’. The lies sold with a straight eye can put the devil himself to shame. He can’t lie like a Kenyan Politician. The greed makes Kiundu of NoFeastforKiundu primary story book look like a saint.

I by no means hate peace. I love peace, I love unity and I love everything that can bring sanity in our country. I just hate the trajectory of hypocritical praise from once rivals now ‘best friends’ is taking. It’s spooky my friends.

An African proverb said what an old man sees while seated a young one will not, even when perched on the highest branch.

Did Moi say KANU would rule for another 100years? Who like me thinks we are slowly gliding into a one party state? One party of selfish persons who their survival overrides the need to grow a nation?
I saw a notice of creation of a Super Minister. Pray what is the job description?
Did Embakasi East MP also rate President’s speech 10/10? Laughable…
Again I say…. Do not believe politicians so hard that it costs you peace, family and friends. It’s never that serious..

Okay. I read. Then paused. Then my mind drifted to that day the guy on the hill delivered the state of the nation address. I pondered over how he did it. Over how that bicameral house (parliament merged with Senate) was full and composed. Over how no one threw shoes and words and punches. Over how not a single soul called names. None at all. In comparison I thought of such a time five years apart when the country was still coming to terms with that “choices have consequences shock” and the president talked and people gambled.

To cut the long story short, such are bygones. So this time around, the president talked and multitudes nodded in agreement and people clapped. Even the headlines read of hope. The president himself (or is it himuselifu) asked we forgive him for the wrongs he might have committed along the highway of service. Fellow church goers do you recall that verse of sijui the King’s heart is on God’s hands and he can twist it how he wants?

Personally I think as a nation we know why the sky is blue when we like Makena above, we can appreciate that politics is just that; politics and it got nothing to do with us getting personal. But most importantly when leaders tuck their pride into their breast pockets and stand before us and ask for forgiveness with sincerity.

I slipped off once more and ended up at the peripheries of WhatsApp. You guys know she’s blood sister to Facebook. Top on that chat list was our high school alumni group. It lit green with about 160 messages to sieve. The last time I had been there some chap had posted that he’d left school in 1995. People I sighed in disbelief. Turned off my data icon and sat in a moment of silence to think about my life. Come on here I am on the same platform with a guy who left school in 1995. What does it mean? It means I have to tread carefully. Talk wisely. Use emonjis less often and primarily read widely on generational gaps and trends (Hehe)

In that group there existed news of death then despair coated with calls for forgiveness and moving on.

Streams after streams of messages of condolences came in. It was all in honor of a fallen tutor who had at one point or the other taught us as we went through that enigmatic school. And there is this notion that every family has one this person who is not normal (I avoid the word mad) if you don’t know who that person is, then it’s you. Some chap was typing. It kept showing typing… I started thinking that chap was doing a debut novel. But he typed more. Then that message came in with a thud! It was heavy. Come on I want to mean heavier than Rick Ross in his hey days. It spoke of hate and venom and bad blood. “Fuck death. That guy was a terrible nuisance. He made me miss JAB cut off. I don’t care he died. He’ll No.” he wrote.

See that guy took forever to type. The message has it all that he wasn’t typing palatable stuff. You and I know it’s un African not to respect the dead. The dead deserve respect. They owe us nothing. They have finished their earthly journey and it’s upon them to bargain with God on the eternal stay. Here we are, with a ‘learned fellow’ who thinks otherwise! It’s astonishing. Damn! What followed, the rest of us cancelled dates and dedicated the entire of that evening to convincing one of our own to let go. Sadly he didn’t😢

In so doing, we slid and slipped and stepped on healing wounds in there. It turned out nasty into a reminisce of the past. Chaps remembered the long gone stay at school and especially the students_prefects relationship. So one after the other, they went “prefect so and so made my life hell in that place. I want his kidneys now!” “Teacher so and so stepped on my big toe. I can box him if we meet at a narrow cross roads” On and on the rants took a center stage. Feeble calls for forgiveness, healing and moving on just evaporated to thin air. I got to think we will only know why the sky is blue when we are willing, convinced and ready to forgive and forget. The good book says seventy times seven times. Come on the president said “forgive me” precedent to which he’d shook hands with his political arch rival when all of us were convinced fate was sealed. Slowly but surely, possibility crept back. Here we are.

Back to that book, as he brings out his views on religion in relation to spirituality, Peck confers, most of the stuff we tend to know or assume we know are mostly inferred to us intergenerational. Say forgiveness for instance, we might forgive because, society says it’s the only good thing to do and perhaps there lacks an alternative. To which we agree. Knowing why the sky is blue is knowing what is good and or bad to you personally and with relation to society (read surrounding)

At church yesterday, pastor Charles spoke on “when life goes Mara…” I came to realise that last word is synonym for ‘bitter.’ And he explored the story of Ruth taking of some concept of kin man’s redeemer. Interesting summon that was. But the Icing on the cake, before his summon commenced, unconventionally, they requested May babies to rise up. It was mesmerising. We all shoot up in a bunch, like we matter (all us matter though. You too. Yes we matter) What am I trying to say? I am trying to say that end of this week it’s mother’s day (yeee). And tomorrow is my Damn birthday! (boooom). See am the luckiest kid East of river Limpompo because I happen to share a birthday week with our noble mothers. I feel elated. Cheers people. Cheer me up. Am now convinced It would have read “God created everything, then on the 9th day, he created MOTHERS’. Said somewhere that it’s birthday mood? Yes, we’re officially open for Birthday gifts. Last minut_ers will not be tolerated😁

Personally I think I know why the sky is blue because as I turn… (Am like a girl. I leave you guessing) this week, I more mature. I appreciate that life happens. Stuff happen. We only need to occupy our space.

Ps: The only birthday gift you can offer me this season is come be part of this Bizhub narrative on Friday as perhaps I tell you about how my birthday went down like. Who knows, perhaps some random girl will volunteer to massage my big toe on my birthday and that will be great content and all the people will say HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY in advance.

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.”
Maya Angelou, Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer



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