Management: Strategic Vs Operational Objectives

Comparison between Strategic and Operational Objectives.



Operational Objectives (o.b) are those objectives which are shunt terms in nature (within 1 year) and which help to convent strategic objectives into operational programmes that are ready for implementation and action.

Basis for comparison Strategic objectives Operational Objectives
i)Time scope Medium to long terms,medium term more than 1 yr but less than 3 years .

Long term more than 3 years

Short term in nature

(within a period of 12 months)

2)Organizational scope Covers the whole organization Covers a particular unit or department.


3)Efficient vs   Effectiveness Aims at achieving effectiveness(ultimate results) Aims at achieving efficiency/

the cost of project and tasks involved

4)Building future potential vs Harvest y the short term period. Aims at building/creating future organizational potential Focus on harvesting the current performance
5)SWOT analysis vs Strategic Objectives . Strategic objectives are derived from elements of Swot analysis. While operational objectives

are formed from strategic objectives


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