Yes Things

This post was inspired by a girl. “yeeeeeeeeee.” Easy. It’s not in away that calls for celebration people. That evening I was strolling down the lately people infested Moi Avenue. You know that place that grows with magnificent screens at night? The place near that statue of Tom Mboya. Sijui I hear he was murdered there. But they use; assassinated instead. Gor Mahia fans brood there to celebrate a win. Then Converge on bad days to mourn a defeat. It had been a busy day. I was coming from my third last meeting of the day. The last two had been rescheduled. That left a void late evening. What would Jesus do?

I texted a girl. It was over a now overdue meeting that remains pending since those days of “can we pick it up after elections?”

How far are you from Cbd?

“I am so far.. Headed to Nakuru”

Okay. BON VOYAGE. but what’s in Nakuru though? Flamingoes?

“Haha thank you. That and many more. A few meetings and I’ll be on my way back.”

Cool. Success. Could you bring me a young one of a male flamingo. How much should I send bila ya kutoa?

“Hahaha parenting practice ay? I sure will enquire on that.

Not less that 5000,I suppose.”

Okay (Starts to save for it.) Do they eat normal foods but.

“Hahaha fish I guess. You will adopt it on annual rates. But it’ll stay there.”

Danger one: fish is already scarce for my tribesmen. Again I want to show it off. How’s that arrangement possible?

Haha you have to make a choice here. In thick and thin.

“Well, you could bring your squad to where it is and have some amazing moments together.”

Thinks hard about the fish. Now the main objective of showing off is hard small.

“Why’s that?”

I wanted to have it in my back yard. To flexx it to my visitors and make them think about their lives..

“Haha because the flamingo will elevate your life 100%..I like that.”

😁 yes. See am still proving something. 👌

“Hahaha hilarious. True that.”

I doubt no one tames flamingos after me this side of subsaharan Africa…

“Hahaha clearly.. You’ll go down in books.

It would be crazy though.. Incredibly crazy.”

Ma’am you’re a data scientist. Please help me confirm that there’s no one with such a badass idea as mine south and North of river limpompo…

“I applaud you.. That’s genius.”

Now you make feel like writing a will. Could you be a next of kin?

Would you love that?

Yes. Isa plan. I guess you won’t mind being next of kin to a man who tames flamingos…


Tell you what! That’s a badass idea right there.

With situations like climate change, a lot of them are dying. It would be awesome to be part of the positive solution.”

I freaked. I tapped the data icon twice. It started sounding like she was taking this all thing serious. Like the Guinness world book of records was just about to imprint a man who tames flamingos. An adoption of a kind. Disclaimer: am not fully decided on whether I will tame flamingoes when I grow up. Watch out!


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