God is Kenyan

Happy Session. Happy People.

We had the most successful BizHUB event on Good Friday. The session was a culmination of the conversations we’ve been having about the state of the Art, Culture and Creative Industry around here. Falling on Friday that happened to be the last one for that month and a Good Friday to boot, it was more a middle of the road kind of. Those times you are in between a rock and a hard place👌 Well, the event venue providers suggestively brought in the idea of postponement. Their kind of reason sounded compelling. That email was hitting. It checked in in the morning colds with a colder message and hid among the rest clinging at the top. “How about we push your session forward since that day happens to be a holiday plus your attendance list is not with us yet” it read on part. It was on a Wednesday. Due in two days was our event; Virgin with hope.

I replied. We did our best. Minds were convinced. Calls were made. Plans were made and cancelled and redirected. All of a sudden, all roads led towards Safaricom Michael Joseph Center. It was Friday 30th March. The time frame hang between 2pm clocking towards 9pm.

The Art, Culture and Creative Industry conversations were started as January of this year checked in. In the run up to this day we’ve had five sessions. We were here to get to wrap the discussion and see if we’d walk home with some actionables. What that means is, it took close to three months to get here. All of a sudden the day is promisingly docked and the air is pregnant with change of plans. No way! We had ourselves to blame as BizHUB strategists. So we did our best! Let’s just say God crowned our efforts.


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