Management: Strategic Importance of values

Strategic Importance of values in Project Management




1.They shape the organizational culture ,they determine how people or members of the organization will behave when performing their duties and responsibilities e.g they determine the attitude of project team members ,their thinking ,their perception and how they generally conduct themselves during their work .


2.Corporate values encourage communication & sharing among workers ie .members will learn from each other and create a structure that’s more organic than mechanistic and encourage members to learn from each other .


3.Values can transform a random group of individual into a coherent and a committed project team members i.e values encourage teamwork and unity among members of the project .


4.Values which are clearly stated provide guidelines for behaviors & secure frame work in which change and growth can be made possible.


5.Values can be strong source of motivation that makes project team members to put extra effort


Critique Limitations of Values

1.Values unlike policies lack the authority to be executed

2.Values do not have quantitative elements that can be used to evaluate the success or failure of a project .

3.Corporate values sometimes contradict societal values





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