Management: VALUES




Value are convictions or benefits that members of the organization have concerning certain issues or things which they consider as very importance in shaping their behavior and conduct in the organization.

*In summary values are things that people attain a lot of importance to.



Sources of Values

1.Religion ;Christianity faith ,Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, A.T.R.


3.Society/societal teachings

4.Code of professional ethics e.g code for lawyers, accountants, doctors etc.



Values and the Organization

i)Corporate values

ii)Core values

iii)Common Values




Common Values

Those values that are similar or common in a wide range of organizations value derived from common laws/traditions/cultures.



Core Values

Values which are central or core to the development of other values in the organization .they are central or fundamental in encouraging other values in the firm .e.g Unity of purpose ,goal oriented ,responsiveness to the environment /customers being proactive I.e being sensitive to new things /development ,believing that customers is the king .



Corporate Values

Consists of some common and core values which are important in shaping the behavior and conduct of members of particular corporate body in order to achieve its goal.




Corporate Values are Determined by :-

i)Corporate vision

ii)Corporate Mission

iii)Corporate Policies

iv)Corporate Culture/Membership behavior

v)Corporate goals/Objectives

vi)Corporate strategy/ action plan

vii)Corporate structure/activity




Example -Banking corporation

i)Honesty & trust worthiness,bankers cheque

ii)Transparency and accountability

iii)Accuracy and timeliness

iv)confidence and trust ,reality of records

v)Value your customers as important




Road construction company

i)Mechanization of operations


iii)Innovative ness and creativity

iv)Punctuality and time keeping






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