Management: Policy Limitations

Critique Limitations of Policies in Project management



1.Encourage bureaucracy ;

policies which are not properly stated /framed pose the danger of being regulative hence contribute to the high level of bureaucracy in the organization running the project .this leads to delay and bottle necked in decision making ,inefficiency and wastage of time and material .

2.Demotivate staff ;

Policies come with well stated punishment to those who do not allow it hence demotivate staff who fear to do things in an usual way .

3.Stifles creativity and Innovation ;

policies like rules prescribe what should be done in certain situations ,it does not allow the staff to think on their own and be creative in solving project problems .

4.Resistance to change ;

some policies are a source of resistance to change especially if they have been documented formalized and used in the company for as long time .however project require regular change


management due to change in clients specifications ,project team and technology




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