When We Run

A Run every time….

I have a buddy. He hails from Mandera. When I call, I tell him Kenya is just fine. What about Mandera? Then he laughs his lungs out. You can feel them drop to the ground from that phone talk. I don’t know but Nairobi has not rained for a while now. Should we blame Sonko or is it because Igathe left gang? That Ngong Road Posta grounds is aching dry as Satan’s official kiln of judgement day. My Saturday’s early morning are characterised by us taking laps of honor over and over. The place in addition to holding runs is a myriad of activities. To the mid center some girls are doing weak infant like seat ups lying on their backs in the morning dew dressed in sports attire straight from the shops. You can even smell them. Towards the northern conner, a bunch of guys are immersed in loud prayer. As I take my second trip round I bump into some teenager with bag on his back dressed in full truck suit. He’s shouting in what passes as prayer. His eyes are open. I run on. To the peripheries of the forest thicket that surrounds kids escaping from the constraints of home and life are smoking weed. Am told when they run out of weed they snatch people’s phones and watches and running shoes to find more stocks. But today is Saturday. Who doesn’t have plans for Saturday? I run past them. At the last corner and from the trees I can hear consistent sounds. It scares at fast. I slow down and listen intently. Women continue to shout on top of their voices. They mention ‘Ohuru’ then Raila then ‘Uhuru’ again then ‘Kenya.’ It starts to feel like they praying to God about Kenya’s problems. And they are limited to that. “God please hear. See God, these are women, mothers praying in the morning colds amongst trees” God is a gentleman. He will hear. Yes he will. Am on my last lap. Am listening to “something inside so strong” on my phone. It gives me zeal to run on. This time towards home though.

I told you guys about my bother? Yes. I will tell him about my humble runs. The gym. And how lately exercise is an integral part of me. Then that kid will ooze with negative energy. “Boy, whether you literally live at the gym, run to heaven and back, walk all day, just lazy at the couch a century on or what have you, one day all of us will die!” Then he adds “you remember that story of sijui a rabbit runs all his life yet he lives for just about fifteen years whereas the tortoise walks slow as a tortoise itself yet he lives three hundred years plus?” That boy is a sucker!

When we started to run back then, a battalion of us boys seven in number handpicked from around and within that Hurligham home, we were motivated mostly by nothing but the run itself. So we ran. And running we did. The early morning hours of the weekends knew us in person for we found solace in running a midst them. On idle days when everyone was low on energy, I would walk through the hood. That idea survived the test of time until some mamas boy introduced a chama idea. And I think comrades muscles started curving in for the lack of money. Slowly but gradually, lesser of us showed up. Then those roads began to appear like real ghost towns. The gang of seven disintegrated to two of us. Then that kid would show up. Miss out. Blame girlfriend. Put off his phone. Curse Kenya power on the next meet up. You know the crazy things chaps of this town will do when their interest levels hit rock bottom. To cut the long story short, I moved houses and it’s how I end up at the Ngong Road Posta grounds every Saturday morning essentially it’s lesser Road works more field laps. Some of the days when the fishy gods of moods are in check, girlfriend is in tow. You guys know of that thing ‘moral support?’ It’s working; the run, the relationship never mind😁

Why do people run? This question got to me this morning and I am looking for someone to help unravel the answer . If you have time answer me
Why Noah made the Ark in 40 days, why the rain/storm lasted for 40days, Why the Israelites walked through the desert for 40 years , Why the tower of barbel was built in 40 days, Why Jesus Christ fasted for 40days, and He ascended to heaven after 40 days. Why Easter is celebrated after 40 days. And they say Life begins at 40.
Even Pass mark starts at 40. And they also say “A fool at 40 is a fool forever”. A thief has 40 days.
What’s so special about 40?
If you don’t have an answer, please send to others, we might get an answer. If there is any discussion I would love you pick from that part about forty, then it’s got to do with this madness of life beginning at forty. It’s at forty when gym businesses bulge. It’s at Forty when concepts like Stanchart marathon are totally sold out. It’s at forty that roads appear to host more runners than vehicles.

We wake up to different activities. Some wake up to space. Some wake up to work. Some wake up to school. Some wake up to family. Some wake up to ministry. It’s a Motivation distinct as it gets.

When we run we run away from relationships that can’t just work. When we run, we run from boyfriends who pester the hell out of you and girlfriends who give no pint of peace. When we run, we run from bosses who hold our necks down and careers that aren’t satisfying. When we run, we run from friends who zap our energies dry. When we run we run from businesses hell hit by financial crisis. When we run we run from the financial maths that can’t just sum up wholesome. When we run we run from spirituality that’s on the bedrock of tests. When we run, we run from governments that can’t just agree on anything. When we run, we run from doubtful personalities. When we run, we run from a world elusive of happiness. When we run, we run to heal. When we run we run for our dwindling health. When we run, we run for our bodies, our mind and our soul. When we run, we don’t run in the literal sense but we soothe and in the soothing we heal and in the Healing, we book a destiny with reality! When we run we achieve.






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