Management: Policy Levels




-Refers to managerial hierarchies and which policies are formulated ,implemented, monitored, evaluated and controlled to achieve uniformity or standardization in whatever decision /actions management takes we have three levels.

  1. Corporate
  2. Business                                   >policies
  3. Functional/operational






cascading downwards







1)Corporate level

a)corporate level ,the top management team of a company will formulate ,implement monitor,evaluate and control the overall policies of a firm < corporate policies>

corporate policies are those policies that governs the actions & decision of the corporate management which deals with the way the company behave in relations to the external stake holders.

Corporate management /corporate leaders



-C.E.O /MD

Example of corporate policy-


-In the 1980’s W.B had a corporate policy ‘our policy is nit to grant or to give or donate any financial assistance to countries with oppressive regimes.

2)Business level

a)Business level ,the divisional mgrs < S.B.U> MGR formulate ,implements,monitors,evaluates & controls business policies ;business policies are those policies that governs mgrs actions & decisions on

a)How to formulate strategies for completion

b)How to invest business resources of a company





3.Functional level

Operational management

These are policies that reflects day to day decisions that have been made in advance by the department heads such as human resource management ,finance & accounting management,purchasing and supply management ,IT management ,manufacturing management,marketing and sales management,research and development management.

These policies-

i)Specify how tasks/jobs are to be performed ,the rules and regulations to be followed the procedures and the management of time and general behaviors of employees when performing the dept, functions.

Examples:the human resource department

i)Training & development policies

ii)Recruitment and selection policies

iii)Anti drug abuse,substance policies

  1. iv) HIV & aids policies
  2. Sexual harassment policies

vi)anti smoking policies


The financial dept. policies < Accounting dept>

i)Expenditure approval policies

ii)Financial reporting and publication policies

iii)Budgeting allocation policies

iv)Petty cash policies




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