Management: Policies




Are generalized assumptions ,guidelines ,tenets or premises or agreements that govern management decision and actions in an organization


Difference between Mission & vision statement .

  • . size :Vision statement is shorter and mission statement is longer in size
  •  Wording :Vision statement use future continuous tense and mission statement uses present tense.
  • -The main purpose of setting policies in an organization is to enhance coordinating brought about by uniformity in managers actions or decisions.
  • Negative and positive :vision s. always explains the best a company can achieve & Order; Vision comes before mission or otherwise a vision is a guide to a mission    


Policies are necessary in organizations because:-

  1. Existence of Grey areas e.g staff recruitment in human resources
  2. New regulations /policies : are made to enable adjustment
  3. Emergence of economic opportunities
  4. Negative organizational opportunities
  5. Scarcity of resources
  6. Relationships & networks in business



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