Management: Mission Statement Significance





A mission statement has 2 main functions for a project manager

a)Strategic tool

b)cultural glue






  1. a) As a strategic tool

it provides the overall scope of direction that projects managers would use in tool because-




i)It provides strategic directions ;ie. The type of strategic project objective ,the

company will set the overall strtegy the company will use to compare the strategic

programs including how the project will be monitored ,evaluated and controlled .

ii)Provide strategic scope for the project ;scope the width and length of the company

business portfolio ie . How many lines of products or projects can a company support

at a given time .Mission statement describes a project portfolio of a given company .

iii)it denotes the overall strategy the company will use to achieve competitive edge.

  1.      iv)

v)It identify s the product/product lines that the company’s project will offer to satisfy

the needs of the market.

vi)It out lines the overall policy and values that will shape organizational culture

viii)Improves corporate image by specifying its public & social responsibilities (C.S.R)





b ) Cultural glue

as a cultural glue ,mission statement ;creates sustains and unites all members of the organization to work as a team :M.S therefore

i)Provides guidelines on who ,how and when to recruit and select new workers (HRP)

ii)Provide guidelines on how to train ,dev,or encouraging learning among the employees for projects .

iii)Provides the guidelines on which policies /values to use in motivating staff for the project team .

iv)Provides basics for dev,sustainable and favorable organizational culture for project.

v)Provides basics for remunerating project workers.

vi)Provide basics for which individual or team working on project will find there performance

being managed <performance appraisal>

vii)Provides basis on which undesirable workers shall be retrenched or dismissed /disposed.






Limitations of Mission statement as a strategic tool in Project Management.(critiques)

  1. The mission statement is a mere public relation tool /gimmicks.ii)Most mission statement are too generalized and can not therefore be underpinned intoiii)Most mission statement are made by the top management team with the exclusion of        place at the operational management level.
  2. iv)By nature they are widely descriptive and qualitative therefore can never access standards/     quantifiable measures that are usable in evaluating or monitoring & controlling projects execution .
  3.      operational managers <lower level> yet real implementation yet real implementation takes
  4.    action strategy.




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