Management: Mission





This a unique primary purpose for which an organization has been set up to perform in a given society its what the org undertakes to do a given society but must be a unique one ie different from other organization.


This is formally written document explaining what the organization undertakes to perform in a given society that will make it different from other organization.

A statement is used to communicate to various statements.


  1. Provides primary purpose for which for which an organization has been set up
  2. It gives the philosophy of theory governing the organization

iii. Expresses the overall strategy approach

  1. Outline the product/services offered
  2. Indicate the target market
  3. Indicates/shows the primary stake holders for the organization

vii. Gives overall policy 7 values of the organization

Qualities of a good Mission Statement

As a tool tool of communication to the stake holders .

Its a tool that is used to communicate to the stake holders to achieve their purpose mission statement must have these quality :-

  1. a) Brevity – must be brief short and straight forward to avoid ambiguity

it’s recommended that the the best type of mission statement be 5-6 typed lines

on an A4 space.

b)Distinctiveness-To communicate to stake holders a mission statement organizations

from other even if they rank same type of bus or operate in the same industry

to be distinctive ,a mission statement must b comprehensive and adequate.

c)Dynamism-Should be capable of adjustment in order to cop with dynamic nature of

environment .



Elements /Components of Mission Statement .

-Mission statement may contain various things or issues but most mission statement contains:-

i)corporate /organization philosophy ;this is the theory or general business guideline

that determine the manner and behavior and character.

  1. ii) The corporate values;the summary of what organization considers as vital in

in shaping members behavior and character.

iii)Overall corporate policy ;Emphases how the firm would treat primary stake

holders eg employees,customer s,suppliers.

iv)Specify the corporation purpose/goal;the overall goal of comp- society

v)The target mkt /client ;describes the primary mkt/clients

vi)product/services;summarizes the overall category of all products or services

offered by the company.

vii)C.S.R – Point @ how the company would like to perform its public &social

responsibilities to various interested parties.

* Responsible towards natural environment

* Towards employees ,staff and customers /stakeholders.

viii)Geographic domain :specify the geographical area of operation eg ie

whether camp is international or national

ix)summary of the overall strategy ;describes the overall approaches the

organization would use to achieve favorable competitive position in the










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