Little Things

What’s your little thing?

It’s the late Professor Wangare Maathai (Queen of trees) who popularised the phrase “my little thing” She said her little thing is planting trees. “Huge little thing that is!” I thought. God rest her sweet soul in eternal peace.

We have our own little things but that’s a nice area for another day. For today however I found a listicle of ten little things you might consider. Here:

The Little Things.

If you are not blessed with an incredible amount of talent or skill in whatever you do, it is still possible to stand out. These are some of the 10 Things That Require Zero Talent or Money but could still make you look and appear extraordinary.

1. Keep Time –

Arrive 10 mins early, being on time is actually late. Don’t take 15 mins to set up a presentation at 2pm for a meeting scheduled for 2pm, it’s annoying and disrespectful.


2. Dress Well –

People like nice things, you can open doors just by the way you look or smell.


3. Make the effort-

have a good work ethic. – Never ever take anything for granted no matter how good you are or think you are.


4. Body Language –

Carry yourself with energy, when greeting someone your handshake should be firm, look people in the eye. Don’t be timid.


5. Energy –

The best assignments are often given to those who show the most energy not the most intelligent.


6. Attitude –

Never act like life, your boss or your Job owes you a favour. Cut the attitude, everyone is replaceable including me and you.


7. Passion –

Nothing great was ever achieved without passion.


8. Be Coachable –

Unless you are already a millionaire sit down and learn. Whoever you meet no matter their station in life can teach you something.


9. Do Extra –

Put in the hours, it will show in your output, whether it’s a song, presentation or product. It always shows


10. Be Prepared –

You may sometimes take 3hrs to prepare for a 10 minute speech. Everywhere you go you are making a first impression to someone for the first time. Will they remember you? There are more than 7 billion people in the world, a lot of them talented. There are a lot of successful people without much talent, it’s probably because they are memorable, and they have learnt how to distinguish themselves. Do good by you, when done do good by others.








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