Management: Projects 

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A project is a task or an activity intended to produce a unique product or service .carried out within a period of time and within budgeted goals for an organization.

Key Elements of a Project

1.A task activity; consists of activities

  1. Ordinary activities:doesn’t influence the cost & project schedule
  2. Critical activities: they det project cost & project duration

2.Produce a product /a service unique product or service is one that satisfy the specific orders of specific (prod. Specification)

3.Time schedules :start & end of a project :project duration ,it affects the project cost s

4.Cost budget arrangement of how finances ,people,materials equipment . are going to be

used (time & resources prioritization -scarce

5.Objective s goals;activities are taken to achieve the overall goals of an organization.



  1. Planning : project plan
  2. Organizing : mobilizing of research and people to create a project team

iii. Staffing -Recruiting & selecting qualified staff to perform project act

  1. Directing :communicating ,coordinating ,motivating ,leading and guiding people & team
  2. Controlling :ensuring that project activities are performed within the time period & costs.








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