Theatre and Film Industry  “The first step – especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money – the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot […]

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Management: Strategic Project Management.

STRATEGIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT   -Project management that is an Integration of strategic management with project management. Therefore its a type of project management in which the top management team of a project analyses projects ,environment ,development strategies ,projects plans formulate project strategies ,implement monitors ,Evaluate and control project plans to achieve the overall objectives of […]

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A Father Would say…  Some of the time I talk to myself. Am told research affirms that such actions are intelligent. That aside. Am always out to know exactly what fathers talk to their sons. And daughters. Because fatherhood is staring…  Beautiful letter written by a father to his son 👌 Must send to your […]

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​The Centre stage of Doing.  I am on Loita Street right outside the humongous Barclays Plaza that place with a cross junction. I am juggling between different stuff today. As I wait on the vehicles to clear, am typing continuously on phone. Some girl approaches me. She’s a sales girl. She has this ‘ka thing’ […]

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Management: Strategic Management 

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. -Its a type of management in which the top management team of an organization or organizational environment develop strategic plans, formulate strategies ,implement, monitor, evaluate and control  the strategies to achieve strategic objectives in a complete highly dynamic environment . Elements I. Strategic Analysis :Analyzing Organizational environment ii. Planning ;laying down long term […]

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In 2018 

​Another One.  I so love flowers but as Lucky Dube would sing “am not the breed of men who will bring you flowers everyday” In another life I would love to come back as a florist. I used to farm a small pot plant in my dig and I travelled for a week and poor […]

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BIZHUB  Inaugural Session, 2018 Sorry this might look like an English lesson. Because well, ‘Inaugural’ just looked like it wasn’t the word. So I looked up… What’s our Mission at #BIZHUB_Opportunity?  We are creating communities but primarily we are availing opportunity. We are on a mission of Giving the youth a voice out of unemployment.  […]

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Management: Projects 

Happy New Year. From us at: Winstontony #ADifferentNarattive BizHub #Opportunity TWIC #PowerToBuild     And Now Our Wednesday MANAGEMENT CLASS: PROJECT MANAGEMENT A project is a task or an activity intended to produce a unique product or service .carried out within a period of time and within budgeted goals for an organization. Key Elements of […]

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Just As We Set Foot Here! 2018 Welcome to 2018. Karibu sana. For no apparent reason I choose to start here; #Circles of Life.. If you hang around five confident people, you will be the sixth. If you hang around five intelligent people, you will be the sixth. If you hang around five millionaires, you […]

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