Business Community 

Can we meet over Coffee ?

Okay. I had no idea of how to title this write up then that idea of those chaps of sijui Nairobi Business Community crossed my mind. And I remembered how some Jamaas dressed in funny regalia with heads a forest of hair and nuts showed up on our newsrooms at a time when the country was tensed politically. And their leader had to read in continuation from a written script spitting threat after the other and at the end of it all signing off by declaring that they were the Nairobi business Community. That the central business district belonged to them and they are them who run the city. They got the keys to the city. The whole point rather was; the rest of us guys are just passers by. The city is no home to us and it’s a fact we can bank. We couldn’t help but continue to wonder and ask what exactly was the business of this strange creation. Wait, were we even any safer? 

That’s been beside the point. It’s been a full year of doing BizHub together. As we wish all of you patrons an early Happy pompous Christmas and new year by extension, we are gathering on Moi Avenue  for our end year  BizHub Community Meet_Up this Friday 15th Dec 2017 at City Platinumz_Galaxy Lounge: Commerce house  next to Kenya Cinema from 5pm to 8.30pm but be prepared to get merry and stay longer. In the race to keep up with the festive mood as everyone is giving we decided that this is a FREE Entry session and thus humbly extend our request for you dear reader to join us. Please tag along a friend. Rather tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend that BizHub Community Meet_Up is the place to be this Friday evening. Karibu Sana. 

BizHub would pass for a Community. Yes it is but better put, BizHub is a congrolomate of communities because it brings together a number of countless business minded communities pulled together by superb TALENT as the common denominator. These communities have been pulled over time and you can find out here what BizHub is all about. That would give you insights into the community and communities there in. 
Communities are a common place for:
1. Opportunity 

2. Networking 

3. Inspiration 

⁴. Empowerment 

5. Brand Building. 

The above is what I borrowed upon in preparing the conversation we had with WordPressers in the concluded  #WordCampNairobi2017. Because yes it was the WordPress Community and I was the guy with a different Narrative. You can find tit bits here; 
¹. Why You Should be part of the WordPress Community 

². The FUTURE of Employment is Freelancing 

And now vote of thanks to you all. 
BIZHUB is all about writing own #DifferentNarattives. As such my call to action for you is find your own Different Narrative and write it with zeal and passion. Boy you are the next big thing! Smile😀



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