Business Community 

Can we meet over Coffee ? Okay. I had no idea of how to title this write up then that idea of those chaps of sijui Nairobi Business Community crossed my mind. And I remembered how some Jamaas dressed in funny regalia with heads a forest of hair and nuts showed up on our newsrooms […]

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Behind Scenes 

​The Power play Politics of Allegiance  Every day we keep imagining that one day we will wake up and boom! There’s no politics to mind perhaps just slayqueens and Nyakundi and Paybills. Speaking of Nyakundi is Cyprian; boy he wakes up hating on ‘slayqueens’. He feels this obsession of power around him. They say absolute […]

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​Media Scope

 How about we wrap up this media journey?  The last quarter of 2017 it’s been our commitment at BizHub to talk about Media and the opportunities therein. We wanted to be as wide as we could get and as they say Rome was not built in a day. We have dwelt in that area averaging […]

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​I Can Relate

Our Very Own “Can we talk about your propasal after Elections?” Would easily pass for a Kenyan proverb. Why? You ask?   Just by any case you got some time off your busy schedule and you choose to start  here you will realize that I am the guy with #ADifferentNarative. And in choosing to write my […]

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Plan B. 

​TOPIC: ENTREPRENEURSHIP as an alternative Career option.  ¹ INTRODUCTION ² Define your path (Branding)  ³. Conduct a personal SWOT Analysis.  ⁴. The capital Question.  5. Define your business model.  6. Find your Revenue Model  7. Have a competitive advantage.  8. Customer First.  9. Kaizen Continuous improvement (innovate)  10. Think Social Enterprise.  CONCLUSION  How can I […]

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