MGT: Quality Leadership. 

Quality Leadership

                                X-tics of leaders     

I. Give priority to customers internal and external

II. They empower rather than control subordinates

III. They emphasize improvement over maintenance.

IV. They encourage collaborating rather than competition within org.

V. They train and coach rather direct and supervise.

VI. They learn from problems.

VII. They continually try to improve communication

VIII. They continually demonstrate commitment to equally


X. They establish organizational system to support quality

XI. They encourage and recognized team effort.
                                 Seven good practice Elements- Leaders

I. Should be proactive ( forward looking esp. with view of identifying a problem, loss e.t.c  (pre-empt)

II. See/ have end in mind set objective and do evaluation.

III. First things first emphasize on organization and planning.

IV. Think win-win

V. Understand then seek to be understood

VI. Synergy – harmonization – coordination and working together ( harmony of utilization of resource)

VII. Review and renewal- check progress and renew where necessary
          Unethical conduct of leaders (root causes)

I. Own interest a above other peoples

II. Reward poor performance (unethical behavior)

III. Double standards by managers (treating people differently).

IV. Covering up errors made by managers

V. Fraud theft or attempting to steel.

VI. Over emphasis on short term gains

VII. Over confidence on own ability




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