MGT: Quality Management




Refers to ideas, notions and beliefs related to a subject


Quality – Refers to fitness, customer satisfaction and meeting requirement s in a cost effective way relation to products (goods and services)

Quality as a strategy

T.Q.M or Q.M: Entails continually improving productivity n both manufacturing and service


Internal and external customer. (Types)

Internal customers include: – owners, employees, processes

External customers include: – common buyers, supplies and other stakeholders

Partners with supplies:

Aimed at: Sustainable quality of inputs

Reliability and continually e.g. J.I.T Just in Time

Competition and competitiveness

Quality management as a strategy focus on:-

  1. Customer requirements
  2. Procurement efficiency
  3. Continuous product and service improvement
  4. Measurement methods
  5. External facilitation
  1. Involve everyone

Top /strategy – policies

Middle/Extent – instructions

Low/ supervision/tactical – Activity

  1. Prevention

Taking action to pre-empt the occurrence of something undesirable.

Prevention is better than: – Cure

– Failure/defeat

– Correction /defection

– Inspection

Prevention may also be in reference to emerging preparedness in relation to loss of materials, finished products, money e.t.c

Scientific Approach to decision

  • Base the decision on facts
  • Collect data/experiments/procedures
  • Process data to information
  • Apply contemporary ICT facilities
  1. Team work
  • Type of teams / functions
  • Adhoc permanent
  • Quality management Teams ( trainings)
  • Benefits w.r.t motivation, coaching, group dynamics.
  1. Focus on process efficiency
  • All activities are process ( inputs/Transformation / output
  1. Leadership
  • Quality commitment
  • Resources (Quality work)
  • Review of performance
  • Corrective actions in time
  1. Middle management role for quality
  • Support fro m the top management
  • Co-operation form operators
  • Communication up and down; horizontally.
  1. Measurement for production
  • What you can not measure you cannot control / management
  • Identify key process
  • Provide procedures for them
  • Define objectives
  • Have a measurement system: – Laboratory, questionnaires, experiment, review, opinion.
  1. Quality structure
  • Finance, Human Resource, procurement management, ICT, Sales Management, Production, Administration, quality management Identify /control poor quality cost
  • System failures
  • Defective products
  • Wastage , Returned goods
  • Low productivity/ poor performance.

Quality Management is not:-

  1. Panacea for all organization problems – require the other dept
  2. One time prescription – you require it always.
  3. Accident – its result of persistent processes
  4. A preserve for any one dept– involve all dept
  5. Separate from processes – be in built







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