​The Monster that every one thinks it’s a damn joke! 

Wading the societal critical eye, am forced to start from a point of disclaimer that this Narrative is not at any means  out to paint Jubilee as good or  bad nor NASA as good and or bad again. Rather it’s a narrative that seeks to look at the same issues that affect society in away that they are and what they ought to be. If you don’t mind and of it won’t hurt your ego, please put off your political cap.

But you all know what happened. In a nutshell, we look forward to the most grueling election year. Campaigns are this charged. Kenyans vote overwhelmingly in the  August Eighth bangled election. The Supreme Court annuls it. The world class. A section of Kenyans cheer. A smaller section fights. We shall revisit becomes the  newest phrase in town. Jubilee hit the road running. NASA keep slamming us with Pressers. The clergy goes mute. IEBC does crisis meeting one after the other after the other. October 17 is proposed tentatively. Then October 26th. Ant_IEBC demos rock town. Then towns. A couple of people succumb. NASA throws tantrums. No one takes them serious. The government insists election must go on whether the gods are happy or not. A constitutional crisis looms. It looms so deep. NASA candidate withdraws. It’s a major news items. ‘Elections’ come and go. Word in town says it’s only 3.5 million who showed up. IEBC in its wisdom says it’s 6.5million then 7 million then stops at 7.4million. Uhuru Kenyatta is declared president elect. NASA resorts to #Resist

By Norman
A lot has been said about the boycott of Safaricom, Bidco and Brookside. But not much is being said about what a boycott actually means.
If you listen to Hon David Murathe speak, you will understand the thinking of the ethnocracy. David Murathe confidently says “these people are protesting because they have no stake in the economy”.
If you meet your typical ethnic supremacist, that is the narrative they have – we own the economy, you people are just buyers. What they don’t say is that this state of things originated from land acquisition in the 60s and 70s and the redistribution of such land to a specific people.
That is the background. You have a state built on ethnocracy, that looks upon some of its citizens as poor, backward people whose only use is as a market. That is why the cynical and condescending sham of October 26th happened.
So how does a boycott come into this?
A boycott is a strategic move because it can be steered in a way that gives power to the market rather than the supplier. If the declared boycott of Safaricom is followed through with MPs and MCAs leading constituents to Airtel lines to ‘vote’ with their SIM cards, then in a few weeks millions of people can move to Airtel from Safaricom. Then NASA can begin to lead constituents in a similar fashion to MPESA alternatives. The idea is to divorce the people from the economy that the ethnocracy controls.
If it can be demonstrated by example that NASA can actually move people away from a company en masse, then a new respect will emerge among the wealthy for their market. This is a very good outcome.
NASA represents parts of Kenya that have faced marginalization for decades. The Coast has suffered because of historical land injustices.
Luo Nyanza has suffered because opportunities were denied and leaders killed.
Northern Kenya has suffered because the government did not invest in it.
Western has suffered because of deals between Uhuru and Museveni that have killed sugar industry. These and more have made such regions so destitute that they can only function as consumers. Much of Kenya’s industrial and agricultural output is in Central and the Rift Valley – by design. Which makes some regions producers of goods, services and employment, while others are consumers. Because of this, we are expected to kneel before our economy owners/masters or face unemployment and starvation. How is this then a democratic market economy?
Safaricom as a network has been involved in many of the crimes committed against citizens. Bidco’s owners are alleged big donors of both PNU and Jubilee. Brookside has created a dairy monopoly in Kenya and then made deals with Uganda to sell milk there and in return allow Ugandan sugar into Kenya at the expense of Mumias, Sony, Ramisi and the rest.
These are companies that employ Kenyans yes, but must we live under tyranny simply for want of employment? When Kenya is free of Jubilee regime do we not have minds that can run these and even bigger and better companies?
Remember how the colonialists mocked Africans for wanting independence by saying we could not handle it because we could not even manufacture a needle? Are we not independent now and making needles? Will we then continue dying from police bullets, living under fake democracy and suffering ethnic-based marginalization simply because we are afraid of losing jobs? Why are we like this?
Let Safaricom fall if that is what it takes. The post-Jubilee government will make a new Safaricom that does not aid in election fraud. Let Bidco fall if that is what it takes. If every county has its own vegetable oil press that will be more employment and none of the profit will be spent on oathing and militias that are killing people in Kisumu. Let Brookside fall if that is what it takes. Is the science of dairy farming only known to the Kenyattas? Must we buy milk from them? Are our villages and farms unable to have milk processing plants?
Revolution is not eating ice-cream. Resistance is not a romantic holiday. There mustbe some sacrifice in order for the greater good to be secured for the future. Are we going to sit and complain about little inconveniences when the very constitution that allows us the space to complain and resist was achieved through blood, long prison sentences and torture? Do you think the clamor for multi-partyism was silly people complaining about the coldness of the prison cells?
There cannot be any reform if everyone sits and complains about the process. Every revolution starts somewhere.
The Arab spring began with a single man setting himself on fire in Tunisia. People took action, they did not sit and discuss the brand of fuel the man used.


Across the world politics and business are close cousins. In fact they might pass for what would be immediate rival brothers full of sibling rivalry. If ever you watched Men who built America stating to mention: Henry Ford of Ford motors, Carnegie of the American Steel, John De Rock Fella of the American oil, JP Morgan of the JP Morgan house among others. You will realize they were at the center of the economy and wielded such immense power in as far as the American Presidency and succession was concerned thanks to their lined pocket. In their private discussion, what came out was the need for a president and by extension government that would not disrupt their vast business empires which they had built over time. And they played their cards strategically well. It worked for them. 

Politics has curved out to be the primary means by which wealth and national resources are distributed. Here in Africa however blind to Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom that if you want to succeed in leadership, first eliminate those who catapulted you to power, have continously played the game of scratch my back, I scratch yours. This has created mean capitalistic power houses only concerned of remaining in power Till death do them part. Their idea of scratch my back I scratch yours is mistrued however for all they do is reward their close inner circle cronies at the expense of the mass voter who voted them to office. This has resulted to massive marginalized sections.

This has created a niche class of super rich  wealth holders against a mass of pauper like consumer citizens. Opportunistic capitalists have clinged around government operations and especially at campaign period. All they do is fund the heavy budgets of the heated political campaigns and angle  to hawk for government tenders. Such trends have contributed to the run away corruption exhibited in our country. 

What does #Resist mean for such clandestine arrangements? It means the public that’s the mass consumer is separated from the production quartile. It might mean job losses. Yes it will mean the economy is no longer in sync because economic models should exist on supply vs demand equilibrium. Resist means that the said economy will cave in at the knees when the resistance Narrative is sustained. To wrap it up it means danger! 

But what lessons can an entrepreneur pick up from all this debacle? That there comes the need to stay steer clear off politics👌

And juzi I heard Bwana Khalwale say the scholars say “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” I wanted to shout back, “No bwana Bullfighter sir, it’s not the scholars who said that, it’s Thomas Jefferson” 





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