We’re doing this right again! Some of the time ours will read like a Nollywood script. Complete with that section where a distress housewife of some remote village prepares poison to tame her Co_wife, tests it’s concentration on herself before administering, doesn’t die but the targeted victim drops dead from the concoction’s smell! The things […]

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Content Creation 

Content Creation for Media  Steve Jobs is quoted as saying content is king in 1996. And true to his word, The future of marketing is story telling. Story telling rather what we wrap here as content creation is just as wide including but not limited to Videography, Photography, Writing, Blogging among others. It sums the […]

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Just Boring Normal  On your usual day you will want up to something. Perhaps depending on some factors including but not limited to; which side of the economic balance you subscribe to. How you choose to spend your Godly given twenty four hours. How you put butter on bread if you ever  mind. And most […]

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Newspapers Publishing 

​NEWSPAPER PUBLISHING AND PRINT BUSINESS.  Some random guy said it will surprise you to the core after Eighteen years of studying only to realize that NEWSPAPER should mean; North East West South Past And Present Events Report. If that chap was right or wrong or none of the above, I serve it for your food […]

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MGT: Profit& Financial Planning 

PROFIT AND FINANCIAL PLANNING The process of managing a firm is facilitated when management charts its course of action in advance. One systematic approach for attaining effective management performance is profit planning or budgeting .Budgeting helps to regulates flow of funds which is a primary concern of Ny firm In this case a budget can […]

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A.k.a Fake News  Disclaimer: Propaganda and fake news are two different things but for the sake of this discussion let’s use those words interchangeably. After all we are talking about fake news. I mean propaganda. Read on. If you go down the street deep lanes of time in history aboard Google in search of what […]

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Magazine Publishing 

​Magazine Publishing Business: Week forty 2017 Benjamin Franklin helped write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Yet Franklin’s own publication, General Magazine, folded after just six issues. Magazines are tough business. In fact, 9 out of 10 new magazines fail, according to Cheryl Woodward, publishing business consultant and author ofStarting and Running a Successful […]

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MGT: Capital Decisions 

CAPITAL BUDGETING DECISIONS An investment decision of a firm is generally know as capital budgeting or capital expenditure decision. Capital budgeting is a firm`s decision to invest its current funds most efficiently in long term assets in anticipation of flow of benefits over a period of time.   Examples of investing decision Purchase of new […]

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You Know BizHub? 

It’s Opportunity. Let’s start from what they say about history. That history is a recount of the past. And that past regards this screen shot of a commitment we made to start a journey of a thousand miles with a single step. That journey is Biz HUB. Biz HUB is a brainchild.  It was […]

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