Moving on… 

The thing with moving on. Even as boys back then. And you happened to date. And your girl one day woke up moody. And banged the door. And bumped into some other tweng filled (Insert Chilobae😀) neighbourhood kid. And texted you back “You’re boring. Bye!” (typo for Bae perhaps) And yourself if you’d some pint of life left texted back “But it took you goddamn three years to notice. Blonde” And you moved on. The new relationship will suffer scars from the past. You will trend fearful of the unforseen. You will suffer from lack of closure! 
The narrative has always been “accept and move on you leftists”  But NO! I think there comes a time when you have to take the bull by the horns; do the right thing. Heal slowly and embrace closure. Closure will include addressing the real joy_kill which is as big as a monster sipping on our blood. It’s INJUSTICE; the real elephant in the room. 
Back in the day in my never disappointing organization behavior class by a one Jovial Lecturer standing six feet 5 by the name Mr. Nyutu (see I have grasped that name to date) he taught about Culture defining it as a people’s way of doing things.
Culture being a way of doing things, people have their own culture. Organizations have their own culture. Schools have their own culture. Countries have their own culture. Churches have their own culture. Civil and rights societies have their own culture. Families have their own culture. Institutions have their own culture. 
As a people, we have different sets of cultures. Perhaps on a wider scale; Social economic and political cultures. These whoever morph into definite smaller cultures cognitive with specific settings. We thus have to mention; religious cultures, sports cultures, spiritual cultures, health cultures, governance cultures and so on that primarily guide our innate integration holding the societal fabrics together. Every thing borrows from our culture primarily because then, that’s our way of doing things. 
In this write up thus we ask; what’s our culture as a people? We have for instance a strong winning culture when it comes to sports and athletics to matters specifity. The nation doesn’t run for instance but we have a few able representatives who go out and toil for the success and we celebrate them and get the world noticing. 
But in a bid to perhaps work towards wrapping up our political narratives that we’ve so delved onto lately, we will shift gears fast forward to driving mode and expound on our political culture that so defines us. Let’s face it but politics shapes the entire Narrative here. Business, policy environment, social strictures, our misdoings and what have you. It’s have year in year out we talk politics. As soon as one election ends, the next five years to the next are spent speculating. Doing political maths. 
Our politics commanding the center stage they so do, have brewed a culture of ethnicity and tribalism that’s spread like a wild fire. Politics in and out come and leave us more divided than history can ever trace! People bicker, and take sides and exchange nasties on Social media and call others bluff. All in the political vain. Then it starts sounding like politics is directly proportional to violence. And that it’s just but a good thing. So elections have come and gone but the 2007 one leaves a sour mouth because a figure above 1300 were left six feet deep and yet more others displaced. This time around cries for peace became our national anthem. 
They say love is blind. But I think that phrase is shit_y. Like they should instead say “lovers are blind.” It’s not the ignorant blindness though. As a blind lover you don’t just play blind to every aspect. You become a smart blind. That blind who will tell you “Sorry Mr. But this what you have placed for me is just twenty bob” And yourself rant “How do you know but?” “Come on I can feel it. The texture tells it all” That’s selective blinds we are coming from a past of political blunders that cost us lives and for us who survived, dignity wading into the 2017 general election. Yes we made usual blunders from the past but we were not prepared to fight! 

So election came and went leaving us with memes and memories. Out of which I chose “What if we introduce a tea recipe for them that would do Delmonte in a Bar. How about we call it Chebuga_Tea made with fresh milk straight from the Boma(s) with a shade of guacamole to appear like we keep tabs on the fruits girls post on Facebook lately. Guacamole would mean, I think complicated but ready to mingle over tea” Wait, elections did not entirely go. We have pending supreme Court presidential election petition to mind! And it slides me back to the first few paragraphs should be second one. Where we are talking about “accept and move on” 
Joseph Starlin is quoted as saying “them who vote decide nothing. Them that count the vote decide everything” True to his words. Why are we where we are? We are where we are because voting for us has never been problem, it’s in fact the most seamless of processes. The elephant in the room often is getting whom we can call a winner vis a vis loser. It gets jinxed. And mostly we have to end at streets or if the gods are just as favorable, courts. Trying to decipher who exactly was the real winner? Amid the confusing noise of “concede, accept and move on! Life is bigger than politics” blah blah 

In so doing, we play to the politics of the Ostrich; burying the head in the sand in the advent of danger to assume that the danger is all gone and all is well. When in real sense we are acting like your addict drunks; drowning down our woes with alcohol to imagine that we will wake to a sober brighter tomorrow. So, on and on we postpone calamity. We saw the seeds of injustice, water them and watch them germinate and nourish. We avoid to seek closure once and for all. Then it comes back to haunt us desperately! 
It’s how we fought in 2007. We almost went back to it in 2013 and 2017 it wasn’t any clearer but a matter of praying for the best while expecting the worst! Point is, 2007, the violence fumes were easily fired up by setting community against the other and by the two most competing communities (Insert Kikuyu Kalenjin being on the divided sides. That culminated into some sort of ethnic cleansing of a sort. 2013 and 2017 same mistake committed twice but the scenario looked closely similar. Any war rather if any would not be inter_community but rather armed police running battles against unarmed civilian. Your guess would be right; the police would win! 

And to better understand our political culture, I dug out to find this interesting Narrative; 


So I’ve just come from an interview sparked by my challenging the simplistic narrative of Raila’s supporters as cultic and violent. I said that Raila has become a symbol,  however strong or flawed, of the possibility of having a Kenyan republic, rather than Kenya being the feudal property of the Kenyatta family. And Raila wouldn’t have become that symbol if he had been allowed to assume office in 2013 under the new constitution. With another Jubilee presidency, we have yet again postponed the much needed conversation about the imprisonment of Kenyans in the feudal logic of land.

The Kenyattas are also very much responsible for iconizing Raila. They have consistently crushed any alternative institution and political leader who stands in their way. They have left Raila standing alone as the sole avenue of change. More than that, I said, the Kenyattas have maintained this vilification of change through an anti-Luo ideology since 1969.

You didnt have to support NASA or Raila. There were six other presidential candidates on the ballot. And you can live in denial that this election was fundamentally bungled, and that just Chris Msando’s death and the handling of the form 34As are proof enough. And you can choose to be blind to the fact that by challenging this election, Raila is keeping the hope of a Kenyan nation alive. 

But the reality is that if he loses, which he very likely will, all Kenyans will be in the same hot mess, regardless of tribe. We will have an autocracy,  a defacto one-party state. Kenyatta Inc will not jail people. It will shoot the poor, as it has always done, it will disappear the educated and murder young girls besides them, to cheat us that it was mpango wa kandos gone wrong. Victims of the Kenyatta state have always included Kikuyus. Ask JM’s family. 

So there is more than a presidential vote at stake in this petition. There is democracy at stake. A loss for Raila will mean that rules dont work any more. After this, we won’t have a Raila who follows institutions to deal with. We will have Babu Owinos, Sonkos and Kurias as our leaders. The institutions wont work, and your money wont be enough to make them work. Check my timeline for a complaint about Aga Khan hospital, if you dont believe me.

But I’m just a woman, with a facebook post. I cannot compete with oaths and the host of spirits that were rallied to support the Kenyattas. I cannot compete with the hatred for the Luo driven by obsession with penises, which I dont have. I dont have these weapons of Goliath, like TV and radio stations, or like international support from the United Nations, the United States and the United Kingdom.

But like other ordinary Kenyans, I just have a sling and stones. The sling of the constitution and history of resistance. The stones of justice. Of truth. Of love for my fellow Kenyan, no matter their tribe. Of social media, because we dont own radio and TV stations. And we speak in the name of the Lord. The Lord who does not overlook obedience just because you can afford to sacrifice sheep and Kenyan lives. The Lord who cares for the oppressed. We come in the name of our African ancestors who resisted injustice. Like Mekatilili who lost her brother to slavery and fought against colonial privatization of African resources and labor. 

And Goliath will eventually fall. The choice ordinary Kenyans have is which side which they want to be on. The side of Israel or the side of the Philistines. Wandia Njoya

This time around its not about moving on for the NASA brigade had chosen the dreaded court Highway and this is my take: Okay if you have once slaughtered a Cockrel, you round it up and place some maize seeds in a closet and coerce it to go for it by concealing all escape routes. That’s where Raila has been before and after Elections. The autocracy planned to steal elections and coerce him towards that closet In which in their minds, they put two options: concede and hang political boots or call for violence as Hague Waits. *Closed*
They even called in partisan international observers (read Kerry and team) who rushed to give the election a clean bill of health even before it concluded absolutely. Why? To paint Raila as the bad boy who brews mayhem in abundance of peace. 
Raila is smart he knew this and lay low to wait it come. After results he went silent. Silence that talked. Behind the scenes he put his stuff to order and strategized. The world waited. The people got anxious. Anxiety took over the air. Even your president_elect kept second guessing. Why was that important?

1. He’s armed with facts. 

2. He’s beaten Jubilee to their game. (they will not circumnavigate the process like they did in 2013 for they didn’t see it coming) 

3. He stands to make history by overturning IEBC gimmicks and getting his victory back. 

4. He might be the deciding factor on John Kerry career since the world is watching in case 3 is granted. 
It’s possible. Considering  lately IEBC has lost arguably all cases against the public (NASA) included. Plus you and me can tell this case is as open as day. See Chiloba admits they have all form 34 B but lack up to half form 34A when one is the product of the other. How?
Last election I will tell you TNA was tenfold prepared. They even saw that court case coming and bribed in advance. CORD was not. They fumbled on everything. 2017 if you ask me Jubilee had even ruled out that court Highway citing scars of 2013. For them it’s an ambush. IEBC has all reasons to panic. The writings are on the wall. NASA have a case to prove. 
Don’t be surprised:
*NASA, Civil Societies and the Public Vs IEBC and Jubilee* see the tilt.
*Out of the box thinking*

May be a culture will be changed. A narrative will be re_written!  Just maybe. 




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