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That word; developers rings a bell. These days it’s like there is an outbreak of them. Talented cunning and hungry for success. When you think of them you think of that Nokia’s CEO giving the winding up speech. Picking from his words you learn innovation is the one sin that Nokia didn’t commit. In a teary tone, he said “we did nothing wrong but the market cut is out!” Developers thrive on one word ‘innovation’ We might say that they take all the blame for Nokia’s untimely death but then again that’s not part of our roles today. In case we defy roles and go that direction, people might start assuming we are the clergies. Nokia or no Nokia the market thrives on innovation and Innovation is what developers do best.



The information age can be credited with the recent rapid growth on mobile telephony for example. And these days for instance, every product owner wants their products and or services to fit in the hands of the consumer. The mobile phone is become very integral on the consumers world growing from the traditional feature phones to present day smart phones. The app market is unexplainable huge especially in this experience economy driven century. We thus look at how developers (such as app makers) curve out their trade.


The business model is still shaping out and is driven entirely by technological demand. Their’s are soft (tech) products that aim to stimulate efficiency and effectiveness.


The revenue Model for developers might be a service charge where they charge a given amount to bring to life a customers conceptual technological design.


SWOT as we have explained here before, will refer to Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that define the internal and external environment in which a business or industry operates in.


Strengths will spotlight the internal positive within an organization that when exploited causes exponential growth.

The Developers Business might boost of the strength of there being an existing huge appetite for the technological products such as websites, applications, softwares and so on. Operating entirely on the wave of technology is too a strength for the Developers Industry.


Weaknesses will entail the internal negatives which when not handled appropriately will mean stunted growth and or no progress at all.

The Developers Industry might be weakened by the virtue of it relying on technology wholeheartedly. What that means is there’s the scenarion of no technology, no developers! On the other hand Developers internally grapple with revenue model related issues. For instance, most users  appreciate the efficiency afforded by developers innovations such as apps but don’t pay for such services proportionately.


opportunities on the other hand will refer to the external positives. Those factors in the external environment that when tapped, will result in tremendous growth for the industry.

The Developers Industry boasts of growth as an opportunity. Growth because in this day and age, every one Is up and about seeking developers services. Because well, they are the key to the technological market which every one wants to have a share.

Every Industry thus at one point or the other will need Developers services. Developers should embrace this boom pretty well by approaching it strategically.


Weaknesses refer to the external negatives. Those factors within the external environment of a business organization  that  once not mitigated, will hinder it’s growth.

Top weakness for the Developers business will be the over dependence on the exterior industries. Slowed growth in the rest of the industries will by extension mean less or no business fur developers.

Technology misdoings a well could be a Major weakness for developers. For instance the famous world Tech meltdown that crashed Tech stocks just as tech was experiencing a boom around the world.


Away from the pre defined developers business model, developers can go a niche higher by curving new business options around their usual trade. Below we look at a few examples:

Software Applications Develop and Sale

Developers Blogging

Developers Investment Club

Legal Services Within the Developers Industry

Website for Listing Developers gigs and events

Developers Agency Business

Developers Info Fairs / Expos Start Organizing

Developers Talent Development Company

Developers Tutorial Class for starters and Professionals

Developers Brokerage Firm

Developers Advisory and Consultancy Services

Developers Magazine Publishing

Developers Radio Talk – Show

Developers TV Program

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