What’s purpose? 

Wait, let’s just say that debate on purpose will never be won. Not any time soon for purpose means different stuff to different people and possibly depending on non constant factors. For some people purpose is seasonal. For others it’s stable decided. Yet for more still it’s this humongous jargon; hard as nut to decipher. Let’s just say People have different aspirations. Some want to add weight and appear like life is taking them well. Others want to loose weight and align to the 21st century Lifestyle hype. Some people just want to dress nice and they will pursue that to the core and it will give them happiness.

This game called life and everyone you meet is battling a different battle of their own. Only at different levels. Some are fighting to get out of love. When others are battling to find love. Some walk miles to cut body fat. When others walk miles to find food. Some cry tears of joy others cry tears not of joy but rather bitterness. Some wrap their way out of business when across the street others open their new shops. It’s a battle that can only be understood from the angle of “Struggle for the strongest, survival for the fittest!”

There’s nothing as humiliating as for example a man who’s been asked by his girl to tag along to the salon for nothing but just that. He’ll seat alone in a far corner fiddling on his phone with nobody to talk to. With a face half triumph half defeat. He will miss his life. Such a man for instance if you meet him at that moment of need, he will tell you he’s living some other persons purpose atleast for that day. Come on he never grew up envisioning spending his Saturdays at lonely salon corners. He grew up perhaps wanting to marry a girl who remains home and allows him to go catch ball with his boys without necessarily fearing an ensuing reprimand. The girl perhaps she’s living her dream. Yes, like she wanted to marry some guy who tags to the salon and seats at lonely corners to serve not his ego but hers. (show off things)

Everyone gets to pursue what they got to pursue because what they got to pursue gets their joy fluids flowing. The world is fractured itself and every one pursues happiness. A story is told that in Africa (sorry must have been across the world instead) a lion wakes up knowing that it must outrun the slowest gazelle upon which not it starves to death. On the other hand, a gazelle wakes up knowing it must outrun the fastest lion or else be ready to be served for dinner at the jungles king Palace. Here is a scenario. One is running for their dear life. On the other hand another another is running to put food on table. Both of the two reasons mean life and death for the culprits. So they got do their very best. They got put their best foots forward. How about now, we look at the equation of purpose from that angle. A view point that argues purpose is that which will be dear to your heart and Worth your chase (insert time) it’s life bottom line and life is as diverse as it is. Puporse cuts across the diversity.

How did I even get to think to write about purpose? Yes, one day some kid finds me on the roof top balcony lining laundry, then he asks “how comes you are washing on Monday?” I dint see that coming. Am divided between telling him off and asking him ya join other kids for play and or find something to do with his idle time but then I figure that would bruise his ego. So I go “I think washing on Monday is cool” That answer excites him. He decides it’s cooler perhaps to hang around some guy who finds washing on a Monday cool. So he stays on and we become friends instantly. I guess he went to those schools whose motto read “inquisitive minds” For questions he asks in succession. He happened to know a couple of chips my age who were married. It gets him asking “but why are you not married?” Am sure he felt sorry for me for washing my clothes when some fake philosophers say life is too short to do your own laundry.

Purpose I have come to think is the reason as to why people choose to go to school or not to. Some will say Education is the key to life but others will say take caution for the locks might be changed by some undercover in government. Let’s face it there are people who excelled at school and sorry, they didn’t amount to much in life. There are too cases of people who never stepped foot in class and by some way unexplainable, excelled at life. We know of drop outs who created empires (insert Mark Zuckerberg. No he went back to Havard you) and graduates who tarmac in this town looking for jobs. It’s not by any measures a debate on whether school is good or bad. No. Neither is it a stab at demeaning school . again no! You guys phantom that Narrative of A students teaching B students how to work for C students and D students running the economy. It’s never serious though. Point is, our destinies lies with fate. All we need is to do our best to define our destinies. But why do people go to school? Some researchers in the America found out that people go to school for two main reasons:

Make friends.

Feel happy about themselves.

Purpose guides our lives whether we depict that or not. Our lives are driven by one word “Purpose.” Back to that questions minting kid and if you don’t mind please, follow me to school. Am told that statement “.. don’t mind please” means you have the option to follow me or not to and it will not rub feathers. Myself adding please shows that I am a cool guy and will not pick wat with your decision to follow or stay. See I don’t command you about. Our education system is structured in such away that we spend atleast sixteen years if our early life in school. Read 8_4_4 and some apply Bodmas and get zero where’s others choose not to apply Bodmas and get Sixteen! School thus shapes our persona and dictates to what extend what we or don’t become in future years. Like that notorious question “What do you want to become when you grow up?” Sixteen years is no child’s play. School thus shapes our cultures, our socialization, our habits, our value systems and the kinds of trends we pick up or drop. It’s in school we meet and make up to 70% of our friends and or enemies. The friends rule book says a friend of your friend is your friend whereas a friend of your enemy is your enemy. See we might not scientifically and fully comprehend the number of friends and enemies we have! If am to go back in time and answer that kid, I will say, after school all of us choose what to do or not do with our lives. Every one gets to pursue their purpose.

Yes. After school people are adult enough. They choose and define their own paths. And whether stuff work out or do not work out is a matter of choice not reason. Progressing from school, some choose to remain in school. Like go back and bag a second degree, another, a professional certification, a diploma, a master, a doctorate. Many them. Why? It eill all depend with what’s exactly is their purpose in life. What do they want to do in life? Some go straight into employment and work towards career progression rising through ranks to deserve the Oval lonely Offices. Some put their guess in the murky politics. Some get into community service. Some choose to tour the world. Some change citizenship in search of greener pastures. Some join the army and fight the Alshaabab. Some go into ‘pharmacy’ like sell hard drugs about town. Some mutate into hard core criminals and Rob us our phones at gun point. Some end behind bars seeing sentences. Some get married and raise families. Some choose to live on social media. Some go to India and contract diseases and come back and put there lives in order. Some start blogs and keep bombarding us with stories of their boring lives. Some get their hands on business; They sell stuff, they innovate and create new wonderful ideas and rather replicate existing business concepts. Whereas others never mind. The list is however long. We can not talk about all of them; the entire tons of dozens of them.

Then there is that interesting never ending debate of employment verses entrepreneurship. Some think and argue being employed is cool. Others tell us being your boss is the coolest thing know the block because well, you run the show. Then Kiyosaki puts the whole lot of us into what he calls the four pillar Quadrant; Employed, Self_employed, Business Owner and Investors. And every one is first trying to gravitate towards the ‘I’ quadrant. But that’s a story for another day. What I will ask we delve in is what I will call the old school paradigm vs the new school paradigm.

Old school paradigm spotlights the ages of our parents. For our parents for instance, the trajectory was definite; coming into this world, going to school, getting out of school and into employment. In between marriage and raising family. Out of job with consideration of retiring into quail farming. Purpose was for a majority finding work after school. More of something to occupy their adult life. That’s why for instance parents would advice kids to stick towards ‘the tried and tested’ careers; Medicine, Law, Engineering and so on. With unsubstantiated leaning towards the sciences. There could be this Narrative of ‘serious careers’ When in the modern days we are seeing more careers sprout around the arts with more and more kids taking the option of ‘following their hearts’ to pursue what they are passionate about. Be it singing, be it acting and the list is endless.

New school paradigm will dwell on the Internet age generation. The kids of the Internet age. For whom their world is opened up especially with advent of social media and information is available a click away. With say globalization in our current times, there has come culture proliferation. People exchange cultures across the world for the world itself has become a global village. Such trends influence the ideas of purpose. Purpose in this age is a bit different from what purpose would be in the 50’s. Many factors are in play in as far as purpose is concerned. Purpose is continually leaning towards helping the world more. Changing the world for better. It could explain the innovations such as Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg whose aspiration is to get the world family connected. Such will impact greatly on say the social structure of a people. The new school has seen kids get out of school ready for business, not work. We have seen kids drop out of school to pace up with commendable innovations and pick up school later. Many factors within political, social and economic scope can be explored for such trends.

It’s common these days for example to see people change careers later on in life. We have seen people pick up new courses again later on in life. Yet again theres a huge switch from work to Enterpreneurship maybe progressional or in some instance in response to the high retrenchment rates. The value systems to have changed and we have seen people struggle with issues of marriage, celibacy, religion, sexual orientation. There has been tremendous debate on stands on corruption, tribalism and politics at the larger scale. Modernization could be cited to some extent for such views. For instance, guys battling with the decision to marry or not. People pursuing Atheism in favor of religion. And for a majority opting to be presented as tribeless.

Parental advisory perhaps; the world is fractured. People are trying find happiness. Get to know what your purpose is, pursue it, then die. But wait, take as many pictures as possible in your lifetime. It’s 2017. Plus the guy in the clouds might need an exhibit of what you did with your lives. Halo?





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