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Then there’s a new breed of Entrepreneur’s. They make business out of talking. Let’s just call them TALK_Preneurs. Trainer’s, MC’s; Master of ceremonies, Talk experts name them. They have managed to curve a unique niche. They make a living out of what they say. It’s become a definite business model with a defined revenue model. They price what they say and make it count. It measures up at the end of it all and in the long run its a niche that’s growing fast and big.



Time and again here we’ve expounded SWOT as Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is with reference to both the internal and external business and or industry environment.


One might ask, what are the strengths within the talk Industry? Once again, strengths are the internal positive within an organization which when explored, boosts success.

The talk Industry is vast and well structured around the world. There pre_exists models upon which the business is set upon. This makes its positioning definite.

The need for talk service most of the time is internally generated making its suitability and sustainability sort of Guaranteed.


So it’s said, rather by the book of natural law, there’s always the good and the bad side to a story. Weakness will entail the internal negative aspects within an organization which when not handled might slow down its operations.

The talk Industry is what would pass as child’s play. A pass time of some kind which to a fair many is not quantifiable. This poses the age old hard challenge of pricing for instance! Rather arriving at an acceptable revenue model.


What could be the opportunities around the talk Industry? Opportunities will point to the external positive aspects around which an organization operates in which when suitably tapped will result in that particular organization catalysing it’s growth exponentially.

The main opportunity this for the talk Industry is talk in itself is transformational. If you note, the economy has grown from Agrarian (commodities)  to goods to services and lately to experience economy. We are however gravitating towards a transformational kind of economy where organizations strive to become sustainable and thrive in business by transforming the lives of their customers. And hence the talk Industry as such is set to experience it’s boom.

Interdependence could be sighted as well as a sound opportunity for the talk Industry. How and why? Most of the other industries and or players such as sales, marketing et al rely heavily on aspects of talk by virtue of communication to exist. For instance, a talk expert might specialize as a sales content deliver and help Brands with sales and sales strategy related. A global example would be Brian Stacey who’s a renowned sales_Talk guru.


Are there threats within talk Industry? And threats for that matters will refer to the external negative aspects surrounding an institution which might result in its extinction faster than later when not swiftly contained.


What I will say, the business entry options around talk_preneurship are as many as ones imagination woukd allow. However in this write up, let’s take a quick glance at the following quick examples:

Talk Blogging

Blogging is the in thing these days. We’ll, everyone says though. But how true can it get. It will get as true as you try it out. Starting a blog on talk might take diverse dimensions and it will do justice if you go out and research which way fits.

Talk Investment Club

It’s always said there is unity In diversity. And yes many hands make work double easy.

Why not start a talk investment club where you mobilize talk Enthusiasts and explore the various investment alternatives available for such?

Talk Software Applications Develop and Sale

This days technology rules the airwaves. It’s brought with it efficiency and effectiveness to boot.

You too as a budding Entrepreneur gifted in matters technology can mash up by developing and selling talk related software applications and price them favorably.

Legal Services Within the Talk Industry

If by any chance you are a skilled lawyer and or legal practitioner, you can step up to niche out as a legal rep for the talk related conflicts and contracts related issues.

Website for Listing Talk gigs and events

Within the same line of technology, and as an entrepreneur, one can start a website for Listing Talk gigs and events across a given geographical zone and work around monetizing the website as a complete business model.

Talk  Agency Business

Talk Agency Business will exist to act as a medium between talk service providers and talk service consumers.

Info Talk Fairs / Expos Start Organizing

We are living in the information age and people are out to get a thing or two about almost everything and anything. An entrepreneur thus can set in organizing info talk Fairs and or Expos at timely intervals.

Talk  Talent Development Company

Talent is to be nurtured. All budding wannabes look around for people who can walk them up that route. Thus starting a talk talent development company would be such a viable business outfit.

Talk Tutorial Class for starters  and Professionals

In the same line of talent development, one might start a business and differentiate it as a talk tutorial class for starters and Professionals.

Talk Brokerage Firm

Talk Brokerage Firm might work in close relation to the agency business but  this will be different in terms of operationals. For instance connecting global speakers to read local market and vice versa.

Talk Advisory and Consultancy Service

The information age came with it a big hunger for Consultancy services. People need to know stuff and thus consultants step in as authorities in chosen field and they help their clients disseminate information at a fee.

Talk Magazine Publishing

Martin Luther King said, if you want to change the world, then pick a pen and write. And yes the publishing industry is receptive big. Starting a talk magazine will prove worthwhile when all due processes are followed.

Talk Radio Talk – Show

Talk shows run radio stations. Let’s face it. Thus coming up with a deep well researched talk show on a subject of public Industry will be a ready business that will attract corporate sponsorships and or endorsements

Talk TV Program

It’s said human beings are visual beings. Thus a radio talk show can be modified and improved to be turned into a Televised talk program which is well, a business on its on.

NOTE: You can always add weight by way of comment to include whatever aspect we might have overlooked. 

PS: If this sounds intriguing, join us as we discuss the advent of TALK_PRENEURSHIP. At Paris Hotel opp Cianda Market Mfangano Street. This evening from 5.30 pm to 8.30pm

Make a date. Don’t be late. Welcome.




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