The Real Heroes 

Hero Edition

Yesterday was Father’s day. Happy Father’s day once more to all daddies around the globe. The times have been hard. Yes, every one says. But in as much as companies are downsizing to match the hard times, in as much as chaps are loosing jobs subject to the downsizing maze, new companies are coming on block with totally new ideas. Guys are picking up fast to redefine their fate and chat different paths. Across the street a shop wraps it’s way out of business. A cross another Street another shop opens it’s doors fur business. Let’s just say such is the resilience that defines us as the people. The agility and undying commitment to never ever give up! Yes times are hard but giving up and balancing our fates on destiny is no option. Man must survive. No man ought to live! 

Youth unemployment. Boy oh boy isn’t it a damn crisis over here? Year in year out and it keeps getting worse and worse and all the leaders say on political podiums is, youth are leaders of tommorow. Isn’t that tommorow taking forever to sail here? Or is it aboard SGR but I heard then it should need only four hours. That thing is damn fast! Talking of SGR and all the jobs are only spared for the Chinese because well, we have to take time to learn the curves around how to lap seat that our new born. Things are hard small but we are sure to overcome. Politics yes. We don’t want to blame everything on the government rather but politics are here to stay and they affect us. It can be scientifically construed that politics affect our eventual social and economic States. Every one of us is in either of the coalitions. NASA then Jubilee. Then independent but pro Jubilee. Independent but pro NASA. They all brainwash us with promises. Promises of a hopeful tommorow. A tomorrow that might prove useful if served today.  

And overcome is the word I will use for what the kids of this generation have chosen to do outright in the midst of calamity. Calamity that has rocked our conscience for ages. So again times are hard but I know kids who have chosen to cut against the grain. Kids who have chosen to sail against the ocean waves. I know kids who have made it their resolution to write their own Narratives. All in efforts to beat the menace that’s unemployment. In this space today am out to talk about the real heroes.  

I know of kids who have put up shops. They sell wares and stuff and ake a living out of it. I know of kids who sell shoes. Kids who sell clothes. Kids who sell accessories. Kids who sell groceries. Kids who sell housewares. Kids who sell bags and wallets and watches and belts name them. And and the end of the day retire to their digs satisfied. Satisfied not of the damn pathetic state of affairs but of the fruits of their Labour. 

I know of kids who are in business. For them business is well, enthusiasm. Some wanted to be in business in their adult life. Some got out of business. Some resigned jobs to take the business guess. And the gods were favorable enough. For their wild guess paid and business is their vocabulary. They are all over up and about this town. They’ve put up shops, boutiques, butcheries, salons, stalls. Can I really mention everything. No! You will meet them on the street. They will be getting from one meeting to another to another. They will not even have time for you. On a good day when the gods are happy, they will grant you some minutes. You will ask “what exactly do you do in this town?”  they will tell you just shiaras. You will act like you understand and move on. Trend on kids. Trend on and do your ‘shiaras’ 

I know of kids who have put up shops to sell their skills. Yes I know of kids who have gone out of their way to acquire skills. Skills that have enabled them earn a living. Some  cook others wash. Some mend cloth others mend furniture. Some repair electronics others repair electricals. Some do plumbing others do landscaping. Some are masons others are constructors. Each one of them does something differently. Each one of them complement one another. It’s interesting how everything is a harmony of a sort. Use them skills kids. Make them count. 

I know of kids who do sports. For them sport is a way of life. A culture. I know of kids who play ball. They play football for a living. They all have a story behind their craft. Some grew up wanting to be footballers. They looked up to big soccer stars. Some matured their game tucked in sporting academies. The lucky few. Others hit their toes a thousand and one times in dusty stone infested playgrounds trying to make good of their skill. When I think of such narratives, I think of chaps like our very own Victor Mugubi Wanyama. His is a story that reads of triumph. Triumph that’s story for another day. I know of kids who play basketball. Kids who play baseball. Kids who play badminton and long tennis and table tennis. I know of kids who play rugby. I know of kids who play volleyball. Kids who play handball. Kids who play hockey. I know of kids who are athletes. They do their thing  and bag awards fur nations and live under the scrutiny of fame. Just for doing their thing. Bottom line I know of kids for whom sport is an anatomy of a sort. I might not mention all of you in this space and time but we celebrate you dearly. Keep walking. Keep sporting. 

I know of kids who Sing. They are one word ‘Talented’. Talented to the core is what gets keeps them rooted. Music is big. As big as it can accommodate all of us. There those who sing. Those who write lyrics. Then there those who chose the path to create and they morphed into music producers. I know of kids who sing and throw concerts and endorse brands. Singing for them once again is away of life. Sing on kids. Sing yeye way to the damn fame. 

I know of kids who Act. They are in drama for the passion of it. Passion rules their world. They act, and do TV commercials and make us stay longer in our seating rooms longing for more. Longing fur more we long and encouraged they get to reach for the skies. Acting is an industry thanks a million for kids who act. Act on kids. Keep the acting world guessing. 

People I know of kids who Write. They have chosen the path of writing narratives. Creative writers, news writers, sport writers, business writers, academic writers. Name them. For the list is endless long. They get their creative juices flowing that makes our imaginations ignited as we open into their world up and close. They make us see stuff differently. A writer’s view is to say the list the third side of the coin. Because well everyone of us debates of the head and tail but the writer gets out of the way and brings to our attention the third side of the coin. This that is the list narrated. Keep it up buddies. Write more. We are in this together. 

And yes I know of kids who Blog. People these days say blogging is the in thing. Just like that Narrative of behind every successful man there is woman. Let’s just say behind every successful blog there is a kid who puts their damn best to get it noticed. I will mention a friend who’s he says he gets home, sleeps, wakes up when everyone else is dead a sleep, shoots up content, goes back to sleep and wakes up in the morning to report to duty. Yes kids who blog, blog about entirely  everything. You got me right. You can blog just about every thing. I know of a friend who blogs for Amazon about sleep. Damn!  But how do bloggers make money? That’s a good timely question for another day. For now blog more kids. Get them blogs viral. 

Lately I know of kids who Skate. What’s that? You ask. Stand to be corrected but sounds like it’s a reserve for rich suburban kids. Them who roll on streets on high shoes just like cars mostly at your next door surbub. But how is that relevant though? It is relevant because then in this century it’s a form of earning. Amazing to earn your way skating your time away. Corporates brand such kids in marketing uttire and let them slide through the streets passing a brand message. State kids. Skate even on your way to the bank. 

I know of kids who Draw. Pencil art, ink art, photo art, paint art. Name them. These kids are well, amazing. They will draw an exact version of you on paper. Large enough to resemble you. You will see their art and fall in love with it. They will tell you the price and you will step back. But come on! Art should cost a damn. It’s intellectual property. Isn’t it? Kids keep the fire burning. Draw your future. 

I know of kids. They call themselves Techies. The say code is poetry. Because well, that’s what they do for a living. What? Code. They make websites. And Create blogs. And generate heavenly softwares. And build applications. They make the rest of us work efficiently. Their job is anchored on technology. Could be that’s how we arrive at the word techies. I can’t say more about them but see a majority of them have zero social skills. Networking is not their cup of tea but they find their way through life anyway. Networks or no networks. Kids go on with your tech Narrative. Code your way out of this life. 

I know kids who Dance. Ahem! This now too much, dancing? Yes I know of kids who dance and get the president dabbing on telly to the anger of famine stricken citizens. See dancing is cool. Like you get to dance with the president. What else would one ask out of this fractured world? And yes lately dance has become a career. They participate in concerts and dance in televised competitions and bag awards. Yes. Once again, Dancing is cool. Dance kids dance. Dance on for the future is dance bright. 

I know of kids who Model. Run away Modelling. Commercial Modelling. TV Modelling. Magazine and or publish Modelling. They are the fashionistas. They are cool for the camera. And Modelling they do to earn a living. They have taken the showbiz show to global Heights. We salute you models. Model your destinies. 

I know of kids who do Comedy. Wait, they cause us to laugh our ribs out. And so the medics say laughter is medicine. Awesome! Trevor Noah says if this comedy thing doesn’t work, we have poverty to fall back to, so we will laugh and make it count. The comics thus, do your thing right. Make us laugh. 

I know of kids who are in photography. They capture memories through lens. And memories we love to keep. Especially with the advent of social media and life is just cool. Photographing battalion, capture us these memories. God might need an exhibit of what we did with our lives. 

I know of kids who are in beauty. Hair dressers. Beauticians. Cosmetologists. Make up artists. Name them. They have created business out of enhancing people’s looks. They must be heaven sent for they comprehend God’s creation. Go on kids play your cards with this beauty thing. 

I know of kids who are lucky enough to be in gainful employment. They wake up and dress up. And show up and make their contribution in building the country count. It measures up eventually for hard work pays. They are the pillars behind the humongous corporates we see around. It’s excellent thing to be on the roll of honour. So kids show up and make it count. 

We celebrate you heroes for a reason bigger than cutting against the grain. BIZ HUB celebrates you every week. If you are not yet part of biz HUB Weekly Business Conversations make a loony to check us out and be part of this fantastic opportunity about town; the welcoming biz HUB Community. But again man is to error. Sorry but my space is gotten extinct. Am forced to pen off at this juncture without completing this noble list but if I dint mention your craft yet, act like a boss and shoot it up in the comment section. Scream loud.  “I deserve a mention!” 





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