The Real Heroes 

Hero Edition

Yesterday was Father’s day. Happy Father’s day once more to all daddies around the globe. The times have been hard. Yes, every one says. But in as much as companies are downsizing to match the hard times, in as much as chaps are loosing jobs subject to the downsizing maze, new companies are coming on block with totally new ideas. Guys are picking up fast to redefine their fate and chat different paths. Across the street a shop wraps it’s way out of business. A cross another Street another shop opens it’s doors fur business. Let’s just say such is the resilience that defines us as the people. The agility and undying commitment to never ever give up! Yes times are hard but giving up and balancing our fates on destiny is no option. Man must survive. No man ought to live! 

Youth unemployment. Boy oh boy isn’t it a damn crisis over here? Year in year out and it keeps getting worse and worse and all the leaders say on political podiums is, youth are leaders of tommorow. Isn’t that tommorow taking forever to sail here? Or is it aboard SGR but I heard then it should need only four hours. That thing is damn fast! Talking of SGR and all the jobs are only spared for the Chinese because well, we have to take time to learn the curves around how to lap seat that our new born. Things are hard small but we are sure to overcome. Politics yes. We don’t want to blame everything on the government rather but politics are here to stay and they affect us. It can be scientifically construed that politics affect our eventual social and economic States. Every one of us is in either of the coalitions. NASA then Jubilee. Then independent but pro Jubilee. Independent but pro NASA. They all brainwash us with promises. Promises of a hopeful tommorow. A tomorrow that might prove useful if served today.  

And overcome is the word I will use for what the kids of this generation have chosen to do outright in the midst of calamity. Calamity that has rocked our conscience for ages. So again times are hard but I know kids who have chosen to cut against the grain. Kids who have chosen to sail against the ocean waves. I know kids who have made it their resolution to write their own Narratives. All in efforts to beat the menace that’s unemployment. In this space today am out to talk about the real heroes.  

I know of kids who have put up shops. They sell wares and stuff and ake a living out of it. I know of kids who sell shoes. Kids who sell clothes. Kids who sell accessories. Kids who sell groceries. Kids who sell housewares. Kids who sell bags and wallets and watches and belts name them. And and the end of the day retire to their digs satisfied. Satisfied not of the damn pathetic state of affairs but of the fruits of their Labour. 

I know of kids who have put up


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