What’s BizHub? 

What’s BizHUB?

Biz HUB is a TWIC  brainchild. It was inspired by the current huge youth unemployment rate. We are guided to guide youth to embrace Talent and talent monetization alternatives to beat unemployment.

I call it a different Narrative since Winstontony is a personal case study of how my art of stories turned out to shape my adult career.

BIZ HUB thus is a forum that gives ‘Opportunity’ to those who and or we interact with.
Let’s talk about the Biz Hub journey…

Am thinking, will it do justice if we look at the BizHub journey by virtue of answering the five questions? Perhaps in between we will have tackled the critical FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



Biz Hub Weekly business conversations


Every week we have a designated theme. Upon which we have three speakers talking  about that business Theme to a bunch of business enthusiasts interested in that line of business. Such speakers are guys pursuing business at execution level not necessarily Industry pros but not Jerks.


This happens every Friday evening from 5.30 pm to 8.30pm. Upon which we charge a small fee of 350 to facilitate logistics.


Currently we are holed up on the first floor of some hotel in Nairobi CBD called Paris Hotel opp Cianda mkt Mfangano strt. Owing to some not so constant factors, the location might change but not with prior notice.


We call it “opportunity” And yes it’s a land of opportunity. We are borrowing from a different Narrative. We want to see chaps inspired to write and follow their own Narratives objectively to help beat the nuisant youth unemployment. Yes we can. Guided by the success and rich implementable knowledge and practicality of their peers.

May be we get a little bit more precise: The word is ‘Opportunity’ So precisely, BizHub is all but about opportunity. So those who interact with BizHub get to be part of a mentorship network that follows the following specific objectives:




4.Talent and talent monetization


Following is a further elaboration for  the various specific objectives to present a finer outlook:


The Opportunity is presented by aspect of getting to be around people who are doing it first hand and getting to tap on their first hand experience at business. And that opportunity is morphed into the aspects of Brand Building, Career_Work and Talent Monetization.


Personal branding rule book number two states “Build a network” Yes the world is grown into a global village thanks to technology. Networks are success. At BizHub we believe every one knows something that someone else who knows something else doesn’t know. Through networking, ideas are exchanged.


The world is delicately fractured and people are seeking happiness. A kind if force to help them gravitate forward towards that point of starting the proverbial a thousand miles journey with a single step! Biz HUB offers inspiration. Veteran Enterpreneurs talk business Enthusiasts into putting their best foot forward.

Talent and Talent Monetization

The primary idea behind BIZ HUB continues to be, enabling beneficiaries to appreciate inate talents and as a result embrace diverse talent monetization alternatives as part of our jab at helping solve for unemployment menace.


Bottom line, we believe a talented, well networked individual who finds opportunity is inspired and that is in essence Empowerment. Our idea of Empowerment is embracing peer to peer mentorship to help a youth become a better version of what they were test day.

How far are we?

We are yes, not very far but grateful that we are in motion not immobilized. We have done a session each Friday since the dawn of 2017. And hoping to get big and better granted the support of all well wishers and the ever rising BIZ HUB Community.




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