Home At Last

Home At Last 

The season is been calm. Mild sunny promising windy and some showers here and there. Am excited about it plus many other things. You and I have countless reasons to gloom but see, getting merry is an easier option. Let’s just say today is my happy day. Eight is my lucky number and if you read on you will find out why and how and it will make you smile. Look am determined to make you happy.
I want to tell you stuff. Lots of stuff. Boring stuff. Happy stuff. Middle of the road stuff. Stuff you will like. Stuff you will muse about. Stuff you will beckon your girl to come read. So this post might be all about stuff but if you read on perhaps you will connect the dots. May be I get a little bit more precise. Sorry lately we’ve been lousy of which we apologise; why, transition. So I will tell you about transition. May has been my happy month; so I will introduce you to the Different Narattive. So shall you read on and perhaps like that white guy of Mount Kenya, discover why we are home at last.
We start here…About the apology, it dates back to start of the year and we made a commitment to get conversing. And we put our hands on countless stuff here it got mad busy doing the juggling until the idea of a rebrand crossed us. So we toiled hands and got greasy and burnt mid night oil all in bid to transit. Talking of transition, transition is guided by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what if? What If things go south? Like we loose all the readers here. Readers we have been asking to give a damn to our shit four years in a row now? Fear of what will people say of the new ‘swag?’ would they love it? Would they say “guys, sorry but this is child’s play” Then there’s the worst fear. The fear of change itself. Well, revolutionsts will say change must come. But every one loves the tried and tested; comfort zone. That’s where we have been. Between a rock and a hard place. Not so sure if we navigate and transit or we stay home and sleep. 

It’s been a two months journey working with Techies. Kids who are well, at home with the key board. They say coding is poetry. They enjoy the process. But then again they use some humongous terminologies I bet to scare us guys who’ve no idea what coding is. Ones man meat is another man’s poison. Jargon stuff; html, Java (not coffee) DNS. See Ave no idea what that is. You know what? When I start talking of Experiential marketing, they will ask Warathose? This is however still work in progress and incase you got a suggestion that might help cement our transition, feel charitable enough to contribute.

A few lessons from working with Techies perhaps, theirs is a totally different world. It’s a different Narrative yes. A little bit new and full of millenials oozing with ‘Yes We Can’  attitude. Great to hang around but you will need tons of patience because they are restless. They thus loose truck and concentrate on other stuff and forget you were in some sort of hurry! Hurry for them becomes jargon. Bottom line learn to fit in their schedules not the other way round.

You guys have been awesome good shaping this Narrative. You have been super patient waiting on us when we had ran out of the creative juices and had nothing to write home. You have been frank enough to tell us this one over here was bull shit and that one is heavenly. Every share. Every comment. Every like has made us transform. It’s been a journey and learning curve at one go. Salute once more. Deep down this year we will turn five! See time does fly. If the financial gods allow, we might get merry and throw bash and cut cake and run a harsh tag #AllNewWinstontonyAtFive and call neighborhood kids to splash water and blow candles. Remember I didn’t promise yet. This is just some castle in the air talk. But who knows? Everything is damn possible.

Talking of finances, currently we are selling space here in terms of Sponsored content. If you are a decision maker of a BRAND across town, you can come we talk business and see whether this our Fifth Birthday can get merry. So incase that’s you drop a shout out atWinstontonyplatform@gmail.com and someone will talk back. If you don’t mind, take note of our Friday weekly BIZ HUB series. We call it opportunity. It’s been part of transition and we are happy we are Home at last.

Said May is been my happy Month. Who remembers? And yes Eight is my lucky Number because I was born on such a date two decades and a half ago! See we are aging. (wanted to add gracefully. Can I?) I was super excited about it. Here’s is the screen shot evidence.. .






Happy birthday Tony! On that note I will Introduce you to my type of a Different Narrative. #Winstontony.

Hi. Am Tony. Am a BRAND Enthusiast. I blog and lately am a Social Entrepreneur. I write about big life ideas and give branding advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say am funny. Yet others ask we meet over Coffee then it’s a different Narrative. Read www.winstontony.com and decide for yourself.  i run a small media called Winstontony and own a brand building outfit; TWIC sloganed “Power to Build” Normally I ask how can I help you to help me?

Am the kind of guy who will tell people what I do for a living and they seat back, adjust in their seats and ask “what exactly do you do?” Because well, mine is a Different Narrative.

Why is it a Different Narrative? Starting school itself was as a result of mum deciding I should accompany my siblings to school such that she gets enough her time to run her errands at home. So I was going to school not to learn but to accompany. As it worked out however, the Academic gods were favorable and I proved ready for the challenge. It’s how I started school two years younger than my peers. Then the last born tag stuck.

There is the old school paradigm of going through school, finding a job then retiring into sorry, quail farming. Then there’s what I call the new school paradigm. It’s well, a little bit riskier and murky but I suppose that’s what a different Narrative is all about; travelling the path less explored. In my new school version, I front yes you got to go through school then come out to mind your own business not necessarily Join Other people’s Business (J.O.B) Here the challenge is to innovate, think through, Build stuff and get to earn your way out of life!

But No! I was just like every other kid. Big on wanting to be these fancy words when I grow up; Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer name them. Because, well, our forefathers had made it look cool to become that. Not that it’s not cool but can’t we embrace different Narratives people? Aren’t we allowed to cut against the grain? Can I hear someone say yes? But that changed over time. So they say the only thing that does not change is change itself. I wanted to be this difference. I hope I manage to rewrite history. To present my Narrative to the fractured world and it receives it with some hospitality. That for me will be home at last.

How is it been over time? That in itself is a story. We live on stories. We love stories. Stories make us. They are part of our DNA. Did we make mistakes? Yes. Are there lessons? Dozens infact. We will keep writing about the journey over here. What about you keep tuned? For today however we give a quick glance of stuff. Decision making is a key ingredient in life on a general scale. It always gets to that point in time when decisions are made. Decisions to make decisions. Decisions to turn a new leaf. Decisions to start something new. Decisions to stick on something old. Decisions to find new  friends. Decisions to drop some friends. Decisions to fall into love. Decisions to fall out of love. Decisions to give life a chance. Decisions to through caution to the wind and give up on life. See our lives are built on decisions!

Home at last I have come to imagine it’s growth. Growth is that point when you make decisions and learn to live by the decisions you make without sorry, giving a damn fuck. Because well, life is life and the world itself is delicately fractured. Every one got an opinion about entirely everything. They will tell you about football, talk you into politics drag you into religion without caring whether you are an atheist. Human anatomy is complicated. People will get mad at you. Some will like you. Others will say you are funny and a couple of them will say you are an idiot. Either way learn to make sound decisions to circumnavigate that.

I have met people. I have met a biker and banker. I have met a poet and a curator. I have met a farmer and a Porter (makes pots from clay) I have met a teacher and a man of God. In my adult life which isn’t as long but at least a figure older than the Jubilee government, I have met quite a couple of people. It’s been just in most cases those usual casual meet ups where you bump into chaps on street, shake their hands and save their phone numbers with a promise to get back then both of you get busy. But in some important cases it’s been in the line of duty struggling to find content for my Small Media So you call, call and call again. Some pick, some don’t. Among those who pick, some give an appointment others seat on the fence. Within those who don’t pick, some get back deep in time, others never mind. That’s how all this game goes.

Being at this phase of life is been a learning curve in its own capacity. I have done lots of stuff with my life. Some have stuck. Some have not. Some have been lessons. Others have been just that; Stuff. For instance, at one point I was a sales guy for some attitude filled tycoon who imported housewares from China and sold them locally at exorbitant prices paying his sales force peanuts for upkeep. That was immediately after high school motivated to make just some cents to buy airtime and chat with girls on their father’s phones. At another instance I sold insurance. Waking up to talk to dozens of random strangers asking them “what about you serious about insuring your lives and property and cats and dogs and kids.”  Not in that order though. And them, some hanging up. Some asking I call in ten days time when they have money. Yet others telling me point blank to find something else to do with my boring life and keep off their phones!

Moving on I put up some ’boutique’ at the Muthurwa market then later a general shop in some ghetto waking up before everyone else to sell stuff and battle with customers who bargained entirely everything. I was up and about trying to figure out what exactly was worth my time. So I closed shop bought some laptop and put up shop in my house trying my hand at this writing thing juggling in between with sales, marketing and project management on consultancy basis. And once in a bit helping chaps with school work. See its been a journey of trying to write a narrative. Aluta Continua. At this stage however, it’s fully refinery mode.

Am thus narrowing down to: 



So, Primarily I:

1. Write 

2. Blog 

3. Train 

4. Talk 

5. Consult. 

That bottom line serves the core existence of our business; BRAND BUILDING.

There is the past. Then there’s the present but again there’s the future; distant and undefined. Everyone got a history of the past. A story of the present but only hopes for the future. Myself for instance, am almost done living on the second floor. Am in fact serving a forty eight months notice to vacate. Third floor is waiting. Virgin and fallow. Am not scared. Am not fearful. I want to strode onto the third floor with the agility of the high school kid. I want to get there and make it count. Make it shout Tony was here! That’s if it adds a cent that. I want to Build on the foundations of twenties. To learn from the mistakes and pride from the milestones. This for me is been the most important birthday crossing the 25+1 mark just around the same time the big boys are battling for the 50+1 you know? Viva


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