Under Construction 

Work in Progress 

You remember that day I was in a meeting I told you guys about? Yes and some guy went “Someone once said, it takes courage to stand up and speak, it also takes courage to sit down and listen” Then I shoot up my hand in protest and said “excuse me sir, it’s not someone who said, it’s Sir Winston Churchill” Then that room turned lively with laughter. But people started looking at me like I was some sort of a change agent in that room. 
So what goes round comes round, for I am in that same damn shit. I want to use some words and my mind can’t serve me right as to who exactly coined  them. To cut the long story short, I will just borrow a leaf from that presenter and go, “Someone once said, some people wonder what happened, other people make things happen yet still other people wonder what happened” If you are one of those nosy chaps who keep tab on what people say, and you happen to know who said those words, please shoot up both your hands and protest “it’s not someone who said, it’s A. N. Other” 
What am I trying to say, it’s been almost three weeks of no activity here. Some people noticed and asked. Some are wondering deep whether we closed shop. However, point is, we have been toiling our hands working behind scene to transform this blog site. Some techy is good at it and promise,  you will all love what he’ll deliver soon. Our commitment is to roll up sleeves and get back to work as soon as it is up and running, new, bold and different like a kid straight out of puberty. Who knows maybe she will done a necklace around her neck and stand out like the blue_ringed Kicc. 
Watch out! 


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