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Guest: Marende Otworo
Trump Just bombed Syria.. He is a hypocrite.. He is just the typical politician… Enhe…Give us a break! Trump is not inconsistent ,he is  focused on the bigger picture, he is smart, articulate and decisive. Trump vowed that he is going to Make America Great Again. Anything that goes against that will be met with brutality.. So how does Bombing Syria make America great again…You must understand that Trump administration is under unfair constant critism from the media and the establishment who has vowed to ouster him at all cost by linking to Russia ..However I want to let you know Trump is not  president Nixon. It won’t happen. Because if it does ,then MAGA would be gone.To counter it Trump has developed multifaceted approach to it.  Economy, Military and Political assault……

For those who don’t know, Trump is a graduate of military school and a student of  Art of war,therefore he does nothing out of ignorance. To divert attention from investigation, he had  to do something that would grab the hearts and mind of Americans. Americans are the most passionate people about their military in the world. Whether they agree or not, they never oppose or criticize the military actions, they have a belief that the military have their best interest at heart. Trump is not interested in starting world war,he was interested in making a statement.. By defying UN, his message is clear, the decisive America is back. We have a strong America than ever before. While Obama played a social PR to enhance America’s Image, Trump believes in Military PR.Hence it is not that he is inconsistent but he is focused on the  bigger picture, enhancing America Image as a responsible people to defend the defenceless.

After the attack, the market shook,investors withdrew money from a unpredictable ventures and stored it on safe stock-Gold. By stocking money in gold,it strengthened the Dollar since the strength of the Dollar is measured against the gold. What does a strong dollar mean to economy of America.. Americans would now have a strong purchasing power, the price of imports would be lower,the America would find it easy to invest in other countries because they will use less money. America traveling outside the country would find it cheaper. This outweighs the fact that the America exports would be expensive since plans are underway to reduce the cost of regulations and taxes.. Further more  Americans multinational are protected by hedge fund in such scenario. By maintaining guerrilla strategy, investors are not certain what he is going to do next,hence they will prefer a sure bet which is investing in Gold. Now don’t ask me about what these means to the other economies of the world.. Trump is not president of the world, he is of  America. America first is his philosophy

Having stumbled evidence in which former national security  advisor to Obama ordered investigation on Trump campaign team during his campaign, Trump would push this to the logical conclusion to ensure that he deligitimize the process in which the FBI used to get the evidence against Trump. In America, having evidence alone is not enough,you ought to have collected it through the right channel.

Alternatively, attacking Syria military infrastructure evokes anger of Russia since they are the ones who supply those infrastructure to Al-assad, indeed Russia is furious and have torn some of the agreement that they had with America. What does this mean… Incase the investigation goes on, Trump is sending a message that ” I am not dump to provoke people who helped me to win”It will be used as a thesis to build his case.  This is would help affirm his allegation that media are enemy of people of America and indeed they are unfair to his administration.Already this is happening, people are changing perspective and the Democrats have begun accusing Trump of being part of the establishment, that  they were wrong in thinking he is a puppet of Russia. Is this true? No. In fact Russia have bought more of U.S debt  than China and Japan since he came to power. His secretary of states Rex Tillerson has business in Russia. Trump would not want to put it in jeopardy.
Finally, Success, like war must be viewed in the bigger picture. It is very critical for you to define the big picture. What is it you want to achieve? When you know, focus on the goal but note  that the activities that will take you there may change, your ability to Change,adapt and be decisive in the battle field can not be underestimated. No matter how much faith ,talent and equipped you are ,if you don’t know when to alter the direction when you face the obstacles. You will fail terribly. Therefore spend time to think and define the outcome you want.Trump wanted to be  president but at one point, he had to be reality TV star,a real estate mogul, an entertainer and a military student. While they were good, they were not his destination.  The problem with most we confuse activities with destiny.Be clear on what you want and never settle for less. But you will only do that if you look at the big picture. Trump has destabilize the threat, won back the people, crushed the media once again and take back control by implementing a multifaceted military assault which he learnt at military school and by study military generals .
Trump University: FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE_The Syrian scenario.


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